Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I don’t have much going on today except that I am teaching two classes this morning and then hanging out most of the day. No crazy cookouts or parties so if you guys are headed out make sure to party for me!

Saturday and Sunday were very opposite days in terms of activities and weather. Saturday was beautiful and sunny and Saturday was overcast with some lovely rain showers later in the evening.

Saturday morning Neil and I woke up early to get to Randolph Street Market for a media event before they opened.  I was invited as a member of the Windy City Blogger Collective to participate in an event from 8-10 am that included us perusing the market and selecting some my favorite items.


Randolph Street Market is an antique festival held one weekend a month.  Now that the weather is nice, it has moved back outside and there is plenty of food and music to enjoy as you wander around. Think of it as a super cool giant yard sale.


There was an entire stand of used books which made my whole day. I put one of my tags on the entire tent.


I also like this candle holder. I’m kind of wishing I had bought it now.


There was a stand of really awesome lamps made from repurposed household items. There was even one made from a clarinet that I really liked but my picture was subpar.


On our way out I saw my favorite car in the world–a Corvette stingray. I tried to find the owner so I could barter but no such luck. (Also…my hair is down!)


After the market we stopped for brunch at Meli Cafe & Juice Bar. I had already had some eggs at the market breakfast, so these crepes were calling my name. Cobbler crepes: folded crepes topped with fresh berries, peaches, a granola brown sugar crust and then caramelized. I couldn’t even finish them. If you are in the market for an awesome brunch, check them out. Every category of food is amazing.


At the market, I was given a swag bag from both Pre Beef and Mariano’s. I had already had Pre beef at one of the Sweatworking events I had been to so I was excited about it. I was even more excited when I opened it and found a bag full of meat.


We had our friend Matt over to help us eat some meat and some Blue Apron meals since Neil will be traveling some this week and I didn’t skip our order. Whoops.

As always, Neil grilled up a steak for an appetizer. Everyone loved this beef. Grass fed and lean, it tasted like a dream. A little slant rhyme anyone?


I also baked some TJs sweet potato fries to snack on.


Neil and Matt made one meal and I made another. I made Turkey Kibbeh with Cucumber Salad & Mint-Yogurt Sauce and they made White Pizza with Arugula Pesto, Pine Nuts & Pea Tips.  I  had to cut the largest cucumber that I have ever seen in my life.


Their pizza turned out really well. I’m not normally a fan or white pizza, but there was also pesto involved so I ate about half of it.


My turkey nonsense was edible but certainly not photogenic.


We ate the pizza and then had the same problem we did last week where we were left with far too much food to eat. This entire bowl of mutant cucumbers went untouched. If anyone wants some please come over because I don’t like them!


We watched a couple movies and then called it a night.

Sunday morning I went to Hardpressed where I got to focus more on my lower body because my neck has done some kind of weird pinch/spasm thing. It started bothering me a couple days ago and then I think I slept on it weird again last night. I will complain about my neck, but I will not complain about leg day.

The rest of the day was spent being lazy and watching things. I watched a couple episodes of Sherlock on Netflix and then Neil and I spent a good couple hours watching You Tube videos of dance shows and singing. Then we had a dance party and called it a night. Things get real crazy around these parts.

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy your Memorial Day!


  • Do you have any fun plans today?
  • Do you like white pizza?
  • What did you do this weekend?