Hello and happy Monday! I can’t believe this month is almost over guys. I was looking ahead on the calendar and there’s only two more months left in the year. Crazy! Saturday morning I woke up with the windows cracked and cool fall air coming through. It was the best ever. My giant comforter kept me nice and warm and I wanted to stay in bed all day. When the weather cools off, I want to eat giant bowls of oatmeal for every meal. I broke out the Purely Elizabeth one I shared about on Friday, topped it with some… View Post

Last week I had a week where I kept thinking that it was the day before. So on a Wednesday, for example, I thought it was Tuesday and was PUMPED when I realized it wasn’t. This week has been the opposite. I’ve constantly thought it was the next day and then get to experience that let down when I realize there’s actually one more day left in the week. Don’t you hate that? THANKFULLY, today is actually Friday which means tomorrow is the weekend! I have to teach a couple classes on Sunday, but aside from that there’s really no… View Post

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign. All anecdotes and opinions are my own. *Warning — this post contains descriptions of disordered eating and other behaviors that may be triggering to some people. Just a heads up! Almost a year ago, I wrote a post on here advocating for users to take responsibility for how certain social media accounts made them feel: if you’re not getting anything positive out of them, simply unfollow. I still agree that as adults, this is the way we should handle our responses to others’ social media profiles. But when it… View Post

No matter how long you’ve been doing something, there’s always room for improvement. For me, I feel like I stop growing as a person when I continue the same patterns and behaviors indefinitely. I become close-minded and start myopically viewing the world around me. One of my gazillion jobs is teaching group fitness. I teach in a variety of settings and it could be very easy for me to fall into the same workout structures or motivational quotes when teaching. In order to not only energize the class, but also myself, I need to find ways to continually improve my… View Post