Hello and welcome to Friday! It’s been a good week — half filled with lazing and the other half filled with 12 hour days trying to catch up on everything. I think it balances out in the middle, yes? This weekend I have some plans but nothing too crazy — another workout with friends, some work training, and a belated holiday party. That’s all on Saturday, so I’m going to spend Sunday relaxing for sure. Here’s a look at some of the things I’ve been loving this week! 1. Baby food I’ve talked about this before on here, but I… View Post

I promise I will have a vacation recap for you, but it won’t be until Monday so that I can have time over the weekend to organize the 1036514567 pictures and write out everything that filled up our 5 days (mainly eat, read, sleep, repeat). The idea for today’s post didn’t come together until yesterday. Last week, while looking through old posts for a specific picture, I took time to read through some of them. In a recap of hiking the C & O Canal, I found a picture of myself that caught me off guard. At just about every… View Post

This post is part of a paid Megan Media and Health Warrior blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. #HealthWarriorWay There are several things that come to mind when I think about the word “warrior.” It’s someone who is strong and someone who has overcome adversity. The image that comes to mind is not just of a fighter, but of someone working to paddle upstream as the current struggles to wash them away. Personally, I’ve had a number of “warrior moments” in my life. The biggest ones that jump out are: Consistently working to find a… View Post

Hello! You guys — I am so pumped for the next couple days because I am leaving this morning for a 5 day trip to the Dominican Republic. Neil and I went on a crazy travel booking spree a couple months ago and planned out most of our trips for the coming year, but this one snuck up on us. We had an interesting time with changing our accommodations last minute (like, this week), but I’ll go more into that when I write up the recap next week. Let’s just say I’m more excited about what we are doing now… View Post