August Foodie Pen Pals Reveal

Happy Friday! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am definitely looking forward to the long weekend. A friend of ours is getting married, so in typical Indian fashion there will be more than one event to attend. Tonight we are going to the mehndi (henna), and the big day is tomorrow.  Look forward to lots of sparkles coming your way next week!

Today is Foodie Pen Pal reveal day, so I want to share all of the amazing things that I got this month.  Foodie Pen Pals is just like it sounds, which means once a month you are matched with a partner and exchange different kinds of foods. I have gotten some really cool things out of this and I like the connection I get to other people who share the same passion.  To read more about it or to sign up, click here.

This month I was matched up with Lindsay who is the HOST of the entire program.  I had the privilege of meeting her at FitBloggin this year and was really excited to get her package!


This package was jam packed and I loved it all!


  1. Justin’s hazelnut butter and maple almond butter: I love Justin’s nut butters (although in a shameless self promotion I will say that I often prefer my own over these).  I like the snack sized packs because then I can take them with me and also not accidentally eat the entire jar.
  2. Love Grown Super Oats Chia: This is an awesome gluten free cereal that I had the other night. I used to eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast before I cut out gluten and didn’t want to buy gluten free oats all the time.  This is a combination of chia, quinoa, amaranth, pumpkin seeds, and some kind of nut (don’t remember).  I made it the same way I make oatmeal and put in a spoonful of sucanant and some pumpkin pie spice and it was glorious.  Next time I’m breaking out the maple syrup.  These dried plums that came in my package would also be a good option.
  3. Kind bars: I love Kind bars, but usually buy the ones coated in chocolate or maple syrup.  Both of these had blueberry in them which I also love.
  4. Larabar Renola: I have been wanting to try this gluten free granola for awhile, but haven’t actually picked any up.  I love that it came right to my door!
  5. Sunsweet dried plums: I was craving something sweet and fruity the other night and this hit the spot.  They are great to toss into other foods/snacks or just to eat by themselves.
  6. Hint water: I am a fan of this brand of water. We got the sparkling kind not too long ago to take to a friend’s house and it it was a hit!
  7. Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and Almonds: This is my favorite brand of chocolate and I have tried almost every flavor except this one!  Great choice!!
  8. Immaculate GF Sugar Cookie Mix: I haven’t made these yet, but I am looking forward to it.  I always like to see how GF mixes stack up to regular ones.

Thank you so much to Lindsay for such an awesome haul!! Please head over to The Lean Green Bean to check her out!

Question of the day: What are you doing this weekend?

Half Marathon Training Week 10

Happy Thursday!

I started off my morning with a 6 am wakeup and a 6.2 mile run.  I am NOT a fan of waking up when it is still dark, but thankfully the sun was up not too long after that. I have always hated being up before the sun but it has gotten a little easier as I get older.  In my stupor I forgot to tape my knee this morning and finished the run barely noticing it! That allowed me to do this:


I wanted to catch you up on training.  In case you missed my earlier training posts, you can check them out here:

Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training Update

I am still following Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 program, but my weekly runs have been a little more sporadic due to scheduling issues. Now that I have experienced all the great things about running with a partner, I refuse to do my long runs without one.  That means that if either of us have something going on during the weekend, we have to fit a long run in somewhere during the week.


This is week 10 of training, which means that technically I should be doing 11 miles this weekend.  I swapped weeks 9 and 10 because the timing worked out better for a partner run. So last week was 11 miles and this morning was a 10K, both on a Thursday morning before work.  Apparently we can’t make a long run work over the weekend.




I’m a more visual person, so I get a better idea of my performance with the entire month overview (above).  According to the plan, I should be getting in 3 weekday runs, 1 long weekend run, and a cross training.  I make sure to do the specified long run each week, but sometimes only got 2 shorter runs in.  I didn’t get any short runs in at the beginning of August after my run in Rhode Island because I didn’t want to aggravate my knee.  I haven’t been cross training because I like to sleep sometimes.

Overall, I feel comfortable with the training progress I am making.  As long as I can get the longer runs done without any issues, I view the shorter runs as bonus conditioning.  I’m listening to my body more and with my knee sometimes giving me problems, I may skip a weekday run to let it rest.

Next week I have a 12 miler to complete and then the week after that is the race! So far I feel prepared and I’m looking forward to new scenery and running with friends!

Question of the day: Do you follow a training plan? If so, how rigidly do you stick to it?

WIAW: Disrupted Schedule Edition

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

This morning was the first time I have run since my 11 miler last Thursday. Where does the time go? I woke up and still wished I had an extra hour of sleep, but I knew I would feel better after my run.  I ran my normal 5K route around the neighborhood and used this as motivation to finish strong:


Since it is Wednesday, that means it’s time for a recap of yesterday’s eats.  As I mentioned before, I was up super early for a training I had to give, so my normal eating routine was a little altered.  I typically have a green smoothie every morning, but I also have the world’s smallest bladder, so I didn’t think that was the best choice before commuting to Maryland during rush hour.

Thanks Jenn for the linkup!!


I don’t like eating a large breakfast so early in the morning, so I stuck with a Gluten Free Bar and a banana that was way too ripe for me.  Gross.



I have a very late lunch break at work and usually eat somewhere between 230 and 3 pm. Since I was working a half day, I had lunch with Neil at an earlier (and more reasonable) time.  Big surprise: Chipotle.



I had a maple spiced pecan Kind bar. I’m down to two. Time for a new box!



I couldn’t finish the Chipotle I got for lunch, so I split it in two and had the second half for dinner.  See above for picture, then imagine half of it.

I don’t like going through the day without a giant green smoothie, so I made one when I got home from work.  I have been too lazy to get my protein powder from Wegman’s, so I’m still rocking my retro smoothie from back in the day: greens, chia seeds, and frozen pineapple.


For as long as I was awake yesterday, I didn’t eat more than normal. I guess it was one of those days where my body wasn’t that hungry. I’m sure it had to do with my lack of running for 5 days.

I hope you have a great Wednesday!

Question of the day: What have you been eating lately? Do you like to eat the same things/at the same times or are you more sporadic?