I think I started disliking my body when I was in middle school. There were always girls who developed faster than I did, were taller than I was, and had some feature that I didn’t (but wanted). I spent a lot of time with my trusty medical encyclopedia looking for answers to questions I had about what was going on with my body and religiously studying height/weight charts to make sure that I was within the normal range. I clearly remember crying the first time the scale went over 100 lbs, even though I was well within the normal weight for my… View Post

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. All opinions are my own. Last week I mentioned that I had the opportunity to satisfy one of my greatest passions…weeding. Truly, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it since it’s not every day that I’m faced with an area large enough for a garden here in downtown Chicago. The event was held at the Global Garden Refugee Training Farm in Albany Park. This farm is one of the largest community gardens in the city and has plots for more than 100 refugee families who grow food for their… View Post

I train a lot of different types of clients. Some are there for overall wellness, some need a trainer for accountability reasons, some just need a jump start after falling off track, and some have very specific goals. This latter group is often the most frustrating to work with, not because they have goals, but because probably 8 times out of 10 they are unrealistic and set up to fail. Just living day to day makes it quite apparent that we are busy, busy people. We enjoy quick fixes and immediate gratification. The problem arises when we get into the… View Post

Happy Monday! You guys, I think I need to chill it out on the weekends. I say that, but I’m pretty sure this trend will continue. There’s just too many delicious food options and NOT ENOUGH TIME. Friday night I finished teaching at SWEAT and met Neil for a burger at Good Stuff Eatery in the Loop. Most things close super early because they cater to the 9-5 crowd, but luckily we got our burgers in because they don’t close til 10 pm. Guys, I have finished every delectable treat I’ve gotten and shown you on here except this one.… View Post