Hey hey guys, it’s Friday! This week has been great because I’ve actually been home for all of it and have gotten back into my routine. I’ve gotten up early to work out, been able to plan my meals better, and get everything done. This weekend is pretty low key (my favorite) — we are probably going to see the new Bourne movie tomorrow morning (yessssss) and then I just have to teach one class on Sunday. To kick it off, here’s some of my favorite things from this week! 1. CLIF Builder’s Snack Bars Recently, I started working with… View Post

I had a great time at Blogfest in LA. I met up with wonderful friends, both new and old, and connected with a lot of brands in order to start forming relationships going forward. One of those brands, when asked about working with health and fitness bloggers, emphatically said yes, and my friend Jess and I talked to him about some potential opportunities. A couple days after returning home, I sent out follow up emails to all the brands I had talked to and awaited their replies. The first reply I received was from that same brand representative, who told… View Post

*This post is sponsored by EverlyWell and Fit Approach. All opinions (and test results) are my own! Every since I started blogging I wanted to do a food sensitivity test. I read about them on other blogs and wanted to find some answers to digestive issues I was having. For years, I would have problems with my stomach bloating after eating certain foods. Not just the “I’m full” kind of bloating, but the “I’m six months pregnant” kind of bloating. My stomach would feel distended and hard to the touch and it was really an uncomfortable way to live. Since many reactions… View Post

Happy Monday! Last week and part of the weekend I spent in Indianapolis for this year’s Fitbloggin’ conference. All my travel is finally done for July and I can settle back into a normal work schedule. Wait, is that a good thing? I have a special place in my heart for Fitbloggin’. It’s the first conference I ever went to and where I met people like Katy, Lindsay, and Monica. I made new friends that I still have to this day and it showed me how incredible the blogging world and community could be. Flashback: Fitbloggin Recap Part One Fitbloggin… View Post