Feeling Scattered

Happy Tuesday!

This morning I woke up for a morning run with Carly.  We ran 6 miles on a very empty but very scenic trail.  I suppose that is because normal people are at work at that hour.  Although we were both feeling pretty lethargic, I think the cooler temperatures woke us up and we actually made pretty good time.



After the run I took a shower and headed to my friend Tayler’s house to get my hair cut.  Today is the first day that I have been back at home in VA after leaving my job last Thursday.  On one hand I enjoy having this time to concentrate on this blog and other life things like moving (ugh), but on the other I am not used to an unstructured day.  It is somewhat of a catch 22 because I thrive in structure, but then begin to resent it when I am not able to do the things I want to do and can’t keep my own hours.  So my plan during this time is to schedule out my week and the things that I need to get done and if need be, plan it down to the hours in the day.  I enjoy a day or two of relaxing, which is why I liked to stay home a lot during the weekends, but I get very unsettled and scattered when I don’t have a purpose and I am not doing something productive for a period of time.

In order to have some accountability, I want to share with you the main things that I have come up with for me to do during the day.

  1. Meal planning! I can finally make meals now!
  2. Downsize our things so we don’t move unnecessary clothes/house things/etc.
  3. Use my gym membership. I use the gym a lot when the weather gets colder, but when it is warm I like to spend time exercising and running outdoors.  Now that my time is more flexible, I can go to some different classes that I like (hello HIIT!)
  4. Blogging. It is great to actually sit at a computer and write this instead of working on my Surface in a coffee shop. It is fine every now and then, but sometimes you just need a mouse and a wired internet connection.
  5. Get warmer clothes. I know this seems to contradict #2, but we legitimately are not equipped to dress ourselves for winters in Chicago.  I wear flip flops year round, so I think some new boots are in order.

I know there are more things, but my brain is scattered with trying to think of them all.  I am a huge list person, so I have been writing them on my phone as I think of them.  Everything will work out just fine, but until I figure out how I am going to productively spend my time, I am going to play with this little creature.



Question of the day:  Does anyone else have to structure their time? How do you manage free time? Isn’t that baby precious?