Happy Friday everyone! I’ve had a pretty good week and I’m excited to share this week’s Five Things Friday with you. There’s a couple good ones in here! This weekend is low key so there’s nothing crazy planned — just hanging out with Neil and Donut. I’m hopping right into this post of my favorite things from this week. Make sure to let me know some of yours in the comments! 1. Fitness Genes I mentioned in this post that I would soon have another DNA test to share with you guys and I finally got the results back! I’ve… View Post

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Farmer’s Fridge. I am the queen of convenience, especially when it comes to food. I LOVE taking pictures of it, but could never, in my life, be a recipe-developing food blogger. Most of my meals take less than 20 minutes to make. For a while it even killed me to bake chicken because I felt like it took too long. The only time I spend more than that is when I make an epic cheesecake or some other baking masterpiece, because that I actually enjoy. For anyone else who wants to enjoy… View Post

This post may not resonate with many of you, but I know it applies to at least some. I haven’t had a drink in 7.5 years. It’s certainly not because I don’t want to, but because I’m someone who doesn’t know when to stop once I start. Holidays were always an excellent time to cover up a serious drinking problem because it was a socially acceptable thing to do. I felt relieved that people may not point out that I had had too much or focus on what I was doing because they would likely be drinking as well. Alcohol… View Post

Happy Friday! This week has been busy but fun working on some new projects and being able to put my new camera to use. Sidenote: at what point does it stop being new? I got it in July. This will be the first weekend in two weekends that I’m not traveling, so it’s safe to say you will likely find me on the couch for a large portion of it. I’m a little glad I stopped doing weekend updates every Monday because I would stress myself out when I had nothing planned. We still have to finish Stranger Things and… View Post

I have tons of posts written and I know many of them get buried over the years. I thought for today’s post it would be a good idea to share some of my favorites in case you’re having a tough day, a tough week, or really just want to learn to love yourself more. You Are Enough I think the title says it all. One of my favorites and one I refer to often when I’m feeling self-doubt creep in. You Do You This post started with a blogging focus, but also expanded on the fact that for anything in… View Post