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Magic 72 + Pumpkin Soup Fail

Today is still rainy and it is supposed to stay that way through the weekend.  Excellent.  It’s times like these that make we wish that I had invested in some rain boots.

Aside from the rain–HAPPY FRIDAY! I have switched up my routine a little and now do most of my blogging outside of my work time (I don’t think work approved of me doing it on company time).  Today, for instance, I am at Starbucks an hour before I need to be at work so that I can work on today’s post.  If I don’t finish it, I will wrap it up at lunch.

There’s something so comforting about coffee shops: the smells, the people, the overall warmth.  I never thought that I would be able to get anything done in a coffee shop because I get easily distracted by too many noises at once, but I have been sticking with this plan the last week and it seems to be working out pretty well.

So last night was leg day at the gym and I wanted to switch it up a little bit.  I was not feeling very creative, though, and so what I came up with was 5 exercises I’ve done before but varied the number of each I did.  Behold:

Magic 72 Workout 
6 sets, 12 reps each

– leg press (180 lbs first 3, 230 lbs second 3)
– hip adductors (200 lbs)
– hip abductors (150 lbs)
– 72 lunges (half regular, half wide)
– 72 hamstring curls (45 first 3, 35 last 3)
This workout rocked and I was done in a little less than an hour.  My legs definitely felt worked out last night, but I won’t know the full extent until later today and more tomorrow.  Then I will be able to gauge my level of soreness.  I think it will be pretty decent since they already feel a little sore this morning after waking up.  Yes!
My success in the gym was followed by an epic fail in the kitchen.  Like I had said yesterday, I was really excited to make some soup in the Vitamix.  There was a simple recipe on the Vitamix site for pumpkin soup so I rushed home to throw it together.  Here are the ingredients:
It looked promising, but let’s first take a look at the cans of pumpkin to the far left.  These were purchased when I still lived by a Trader Joe’s and upon opening did not have the normal bright orange color.  Like the Einstein that I am, I decided to just taste it to make sure it was ok.  It was not.  Instead of checking the expiration date like a normal person, I ended up with a mouth full of metallic tasting mush.  Luckily we live right near a 24 hr grocery store, so at 9:30 pm I ran over to get some pumpkin.
Secondly, the recipe called for sauteed onions and roasted garlic.  “Who has time for that?”  Apparently not me. I threw raw onion and garlic in the container and assumed it would taste the same.  It did not.
Thirdly,  I like to use full amounts of things. The recipe called for a can and a half of pumpkin and I didn’t want to leave half a can. I know I could have found a use for it, but I figured I could use two whole cans and add more liquid to compensate.  A lot of times my recipe tweaks turn out pretty well.  These did not.
Here is what the pre soup mixture looked like:
Here is the finished product:
Sure it looks good, but it did not taste good.  It was also the consistency of baby food.  I had to add even more liquid than I already did while it was mixing because it was still too thick.  Neil and I had a bowl and I made myself finish it on principle, but Neil couldn’t.  It tasted overwhelmingly like raw onion and garlic.  It was like a punch in the throat every time I ate a spoonful.
The Vitamix is great because you can throw in whatever you want and it will demolish it.  There are a lot of great soup recipes and I know a lot of people who have had great success in their soup adventures.  So far I am not one of them, but I will be!  Does anyone else have a Vitamix? If so, share some of your soup successes!
Annoyed at the epic soup fail, I quickly took a shower and made something I know comes out well, trail mix cookies! I needed to restore my faith in my abilities 🙂 We both ate some and went to bed.  
I hope everyone has a great weekend and check back to see what masterpiece I will create with my kabocha squash.  I’m sure it will be an improvement over last night’s soup!
Question of the day: What are some of your favorite workouts? What are some of your recipe disasters? 

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