Superfood Cereal Review

Hello all! Let me end this week with a review of a delicious (and healthy) cereal.  I came across this fantabulous creation yesterday when I spent my lunch break in Wegmans.  Of course, where else do I spend my free time?

This Hemp & Greens Cereal from Healthy Intentions is packed full of wonderfully healthy ingredients. I ate half the bag on the way back to work…whoops!  I could eat it like cereal and use up the excess of almond milk that I have in the fridge, but honestly it tastes really good by itself.  I didn’t even mind the slight coconut taste even though I usually hate coconut. Bonus is it is also gluten-free.

Here is a more detailed explanation of these wonderfully healthy ingredients:

I swear it’s so good! Neil even ate a second helping when I brought it home last night.  I am interested in checking out all the other fantastic foods that they have.  The only problem was that this bag was $8, so if I really wanted to eat it as a cereal, I would end up needing like 2 or 3 bags a week which is WAY more than I am trying to spend on breakfast.  As a granola-type snack every once in awhile I can get down with this though.  I purposefully left the bag at home today so I wouldn’t eat it all. MMM.
Last night I did another leg day and as an update on those hip thrusts, I have gone down to perfecting the bridges first because I could tell that I was using my back more than I should.  I want to work up the glute muscles first and I can feel more of a workout with weighted bridges than I was with the thrust which means that I need to work on my form.  For now though, these are killing my backside just fine!
I also scooped up some more Sriracha at the store since I heard the news that they have had to halt production for a month. NOOOOOOO.  Check it out here if you need to always be aware of what is going on in the world of Sriracha like I do.  Check out that sweet bag of lentils behind it.  I’m pumped about those too.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and it doesn’t go by too quickly for you!!



  1. Cecilia
    October 24, 2015 / 7:54 am

    Hemp & Greens is so unbelievably good. I love it as cereal too, but I pay $8.99! So…it ends up being a granola type topping on my lactose free yogurts, added with chia, hemp hearts, dried fruit and a few spices on my gluten free oatmeal. I will sometimes even top my alternative milk puddings. Did I mention I absolutely love the stuff?!
    On a side note, since I had to go dairy free, I’ve gone through many of the shelf stable alternative milks. Do you like one over the others? I really like the unflavored hemp milk for my savory dishes. Depending what I’m making, the rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, almond milk and almond coconut milks are all pretty good for me. I usually don’t get the sweetened, But I do like the vanilla unsweetened when I’m making desserts and for my cereal. There is a new almond milk out now that is sweetened with honey, that one is very very good, but super sweet. I just feel like all the sweetened milks are overly sweet. What do you think?
    I’d love to see your opinion. I’m so excited I found your blog. I enjoy the layout & your recipes.

    • erinsinsidejob
      October 25, 2015 / 8:49 pm

      Thanks Cecilia! I usually make cashew milk at home since it’s super fast but if I ever buy non dairy milk it’s usually almond. I don’t like them too sweet either!

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