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…back to reality
I hope everyone has had a great (almost) 2 weeks! The honeymoon was fantastic and beautiful as was expected.  I really didn’t want to go back to work today, but it hasn’t been that bad so far.  The worst part about the trip was the lengthy flights, but that also wasn’t terrible.  I didn’t run at all while I was there because I was trying to let my IT issue heal.  Apparently I went a little overboard with my foam rolling and actually bruised part of my quad.  I took the approaching trip as a sign to just relax and enjoy life.
I am back to the gym tonight for the first time in 2 weeks and I am praying that my knee doesn’t give me issues again.  With the frequency I tend to injure myself, I really need to be careful and not go overboard with pushing myself.  I have scaled the crazy exercise Erin nazi WAY back from last year, but I think that I still feel like I am invincible and that stretching is beneath me sometimes.  My body likes to respond to that by yelling at me and breaking down.  I will give you an update on the gym.  Cross your fingers.
I don’t have any exciting recipes or workouts quite yet as I am getting back into the swing of things, so I will just regale you with dazzling pictures of our journey.  We spent 5 days in the Maldives, which was the best part of the honeymoon for me:
The food was AMAZING.  I took many pictures of the food I ate (go figure), but won’t bombard you with all of them.  There were a lot of fresh options to choose from which made me very happy!
To end our trip, we spent 2 days in Dubai which was exciting, but I must say I prefer the islands to the city life.  We went on a tour and I was able to go to the spice market which was wonderfully exciting to me:
We were able to spend time in the malls there which were OUT OF CONTROL.  In one there was an entire indoor skiing park and in the other there was an Olympic sized ice rink, giant Sega indoor game place, gigantic aquarium, and more I think I am forgetting.  We ended the night at the tallest building in the world and then came back to home sweet home.
This is the best quesadilla I have ever had in my life. I ate it twice.
I had this delicious avocado, quinoa, and sweet potato salad at the food court.  I wish I could get food like this in our food court!
So I must head back to work now but I wanted to check in and give you a glimpse of the trip!
Question of the day: What is the best trip you have been on?

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