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Reunions & Recipes

Happy Monday! I am really excited that the weather is finally taking a turn for the better.  I am looking forward to hitting the trail and running outside again.  I guess the first time I will be out is the 5K I’m running this weekend.  I am PUMPED to get decked out in green!

This weekend felt shorter than usual because I had to work a few hours to make up for the snow day we had last week. After that, we headed to visit a friend I’ve had since we were in elementary school.  It’s good to have friends that you can not see for a year but when you see each other again, it feels like nothing’s changed.  Neil and I grabbed lunch at SweetGreen on our way. I can’t get enough. I also can’t get enough of trying to take fancy food photos apparently.  I’M SO ARTISTIC.

20140310-152603.jpgWe had Thai food for dinner and I got the same thing I always do because I’m comfortable in monotony.

20140310-152625.jpgI ordered mango sticky rice for dessert because I can’t get Thai food without mango sticky rice and they brought out this beautiful creation:

20140310-152643.jpgSaturday my Oh She Glows Cookbook cookbook came and I squealed in delight.  When we got home that night, I read it cover to cover. Highly recommended. I will do another post about it sometime this week so stay tuned.

20140310-152554.jpgSunday was pretty low key and was pretty much spent around food (as usual).  We went grocery shopping and stopped off at a new coffee place near where we live:

20140310-152654.jpgThere I go being artistic again.  We had lunch at Wegmans and I made another healthy dinner (and not as healthy cookies), but I will save those pictures for Wednesday’s post.

Tonight I am off to the gym for another leg day (yessssss). I will take it easy on the running this week because I don’t want to wind up doing something to my knee before the race on Saturday.  I know a 5K is well within my capabilities without consistent running and I am planning on treating it as a fun run since I hate running races competitively.  Everyone enjoy the weather!

Question of the day: How was your weekend? How did you enjoy the warmer weather?

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