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Weekend Walking

Welcome to the start of another week! I just got back from my second trip to Sweat on State and I am sad that there is only one more opportunity to go with ClassPass. I love being able to go at an unpopular time because that means very few people in the class (today had 2) and individualized instruction.  Make sure to read my review here and also make sure to check out a class! I’m going to feel it tomorrow…


As for the title of this post, you can probably infer that this weekend involved walking.  Lots of walking.  Saturday we decided to head north and check out more parts of the city that we hadn’t explored as much.

We started off the day with me trying to get my hands on the seasonal eggnog donut at The Doughnut Vault.  I guess my donut adventures have not concluded after all.  I attempted to locate one Friday evening, but of course they were sold out.  When we went on Saturday the line was around the block and I got hungry and disheartened as I saw people leaving with boxes of what I will assume was exclusively my eggnog donut.  We left and I drowned my sorrows with another apple cider donut from Glazed and Infused.

From there we headed north to grab lunch somewhere on Belmont Avenue.  We stopped off at a healthy market to wander around and ended up grabbing some fresh squeezed juice.  For $2.99 it was a steal.


All of the restaurants on Belmont Ave got great reviews on Yelp, but we settled on BIG & little’s for some tacos.


IMG_0581.JPGAfter our tiny taco lunch (each person would probably need 3-4 tacos for an actual meal), we headed to Native Foods Cafe.  I wasn’t that hungry after my tacos, so I just grabbed some sweet potato fries.


We ended up walking 5-6 miles by the time we got back home and then headed out to meet my uncle for dinner at La Scarola, a tiny Italian restaurant to the west of us.  I went to town on some cheese ravioli and then had to be rolled out the door.  So. Much. Cheese.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

IMG_0585.JPGOn our way back we stopped at Whole Foods to check out dessert options.  On a stranger’s emphatic recommendation, we spent $13 on a pint of Jeni’s ice cream.  This may seem excessive, but once the cashier also gave it a glowing recommendation, I was excited to dive in.


We went with The Buckeye State, which is peanut butter and chocolate.  It was amazing and I found out that there is an actual store to the north of us where I will gorge myself on ice cream in the future.  The flavors looks amazing and I want to eat them all, especially this Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam. Whaaaaa????


Sunday was another walking day and I was victorious in my eggnog donut search.  There was a minimal line yesterday morning and the eggnog was mine.


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We headed back north to grab brunch and then walked back down again.  On our way through Old Town Neil got a haircut and I got a new supermarket to wander through.  We went to Plum Market where I saw a more obscure chocolate selection than I have ever seen.


We grabbed some salmon and roasted veggies for lunch and I also slipped a $10 maple dark chocolate bar in there because apparently this is the weekend of exorbitantly priced desserts.  I have never seen a $10 bar of chocolate, so that means it has to be good? It is.


IMG_0595.JPGLast night I attended a complimentary Pure Barre class for Chicago Running Bloggers in Lincoln Park.  This location has only recently opened and graciously opened its doors for us to lift, tone, and burn.



I got to meet a couple people which was great since obviously I just got here.  I got to meet Sara from Lake Shore Runner and Suz from SuzLyfe who graciously gave me a ride home.  It was great getting to meet people here and hopefully there will be more meetups like this one in the future!  A big thanks to Pure Barre LP for hosting us!


That about wraps up my weekend. I came home from Pure Barre, bit the bullet, and ordered my personal training package.  Let the fun begin!

I’m also linking up with Erin today for Weekend Snapshots!

Question of the day: What did you do this weekend? What is your favorite donut flavor? How much would you spend on ice cream and chocolate?

11 comments on “Weekend Walking

  1. La Scarola is AWESOME. When I did the Chicago Marathon in 2000, that was my dinner place the night before the race! The amount of pasta..and sauce and cheese is unreal–and totally devine!! Like you, would not have changed a thing:)

    1. Yay! Yeah I just moved here a month ago so it’s always good to meet new people in the area. I am totally down for an ice cream date…that stuff is amazing!

  2. So glad that we met this weekend! And duuuuude. you ate like a freaking queen this weekend. Native Foods has some of the best sweet potato fries in the city. D4 also has amazing SP fries (and is right next to me, just saying!!). I have been wanting to try big and littles (every one raves about it!) and doughnut vault but have yet to do so. We have a Stans and a Do-Rite right around the corner and good lord they are amazing. So is Glazed and Infused.
    Oh, doughnuts. I like them, but I really want donut holes–I love the texture ratio!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…A Cure for Winter Skin Woes (Acure Organics Review)My Profile

    1. I still think G&I might win the donut contest for me, although we did go to Stan’s and I got overwhelmed at the selection. I need to return. I think I agree with you about the bites because my husband will take one bite and be done, leaving me to finish the rest of the donut. Bites are better because I don’t feel like I am eating all the sugar in the world. It sure is delicious though…

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