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Five Things Friday #25

First off, thanks to everyone who read and commented yesterday. I have been sharing a lot of superficial day-to-day events and reviews, but I was glad to be able to get back to some of the feelings that inspired me to start this blog in the first place.  You guys rock.

Today is Friday which means that I leave super early tomorrow and also that it is time for me to share with you some of my favorite things from this week!

1. Wild

I FINALLY finished the last Game of Thrones book, so I headed to Target while I was here to pick up the book Wild.  I knew it would be a quick read and in case I have any desire to see the movie, I always like to read the book first despite the fact that no one will want to sit next to me because of my inevitable displeasure at the two not matching.


2. Getting My Workout Motivation Back

With all of my life living and being overwhelmed, I had started to lose my love to work out.  Since I have been in VA, I have made use of the hotel gym twice and plan to go again once this post is published.  I have looked forward to the way I feel when I complete a hard workout because I know that it is one of the things that has kept me sane.  Exercise is important!

Since running with a partner has now ruined my ability to enjoy long runs on a treadmill, I have been trying to find ways to mix it up. My knee has also been feeling weird, so I haven’t been pushing it on the distance. Yesterday I did some speed work before my strength work and ran 800s (0.5 miles) at 8.0 mph followed by a recovery 800m at 6.0 mph for 3 miles.  I got to follow my progress on this fancy track rendition.  IT’S JUST LIKE I WAS THERE.


3. Visiting Family and Friends

It has been great to reconnect with so many friends and see my family (minus my brother who was on a submarine in the ocean). Since I didn’t take a picture with my friend Tayler, I will post pictures of her precious children instead.  Look at that little potato!


I bribe them to spend time with me by buying cake pops.


4. Getting My Hair Cut

I absolutely hate spending a lot of money on a haircut.  It’s the same thing with clothes. Tayler has been oh so kind enough to cut my hair for the past year or so, so after I bribed her children with sugar, she graciously cut my hair.  Chicago had really done a number on it, so I had to cut a good amount of it off. If anyone knows a decently cheap hairdresser in Chicago, feel free to pass it along.


5. Venti Starbucks Cup

This may be random, but I swear that it is essential whenever I travel.  I am a big proponent of drinking a lot of water.  I used to keep a 3 L jug of it by my desk at work.  Whenever we travel and I am stuck in a hotel I make sure to get a venti cup from Starbucks so that I can fill it up and drink a couple during the day.

We had to get one in our temporary housing because the cups they provided were about a third of the size.  I NEED TO HYDRATE.

To clarify: I get a venti iced cup which is 24 ounces compared to the venti for hot drinks which is 20.


Tonight is Neil’s company holiday party to which I will be decked out in all sorts of sparkles, so either check back next week or on Instagram if you can’t wait that long.  I know I like to see sparkles at all times.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be reporting from home base on Monday!


  • What are some of your favorite things this week?
  • Do you like sparkles?
  • How often to you get your hair cut?

9 comments on “Five Things Friday #25

    1. Oh sweet! $40 is definitely doable and not in my threshold of outrageously priced haircuts. My cut is so simple I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on it. I will check her out thanks!

    1. Im almost done with it and thought it was a decent read. Nothing earth shattering, but I don’t regret it 🙂

  1. That picture of the treadmill takes me back! My university gym had those and if you ever get bored of running on the track you can change it to look like you’re running up a mountain. Again just like you’re out there on the trails. 😀

    1. Haha totally! When we were in temp housing the first month, their nature scenes on the treadmills were actually really realistic and looked like you were there! These are a little more of a stretch of the imagination…

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