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Five Things Friday #40

Hey guys! We are at the end of another week and I am here with Five Things Friday to share with you some of my favorites.

This weekend I am actually NOT going to be without plans as Neil and I are headed back to DC for a friend’s wedding. It’s a quick trip, but it will be nice to see friends and be able to do something besides watch movies, walk around, and eat all the food. Wait, that doesn’t sound too bad.  Tag along on Instagram if you want to be my cyber date.

I also wanted to thank you for your awesome responses to yesterday’s post. Right now I am still wearing yoga pants but that’s because I’ve been too lazy to actually walk into a store and shop.  I love hearing how you embrace your strength and how so many of you related in.

1. Sweatworking at POW! MMA and Fitness

Last night was the monthly #sweatworking event that is put on by A Sweat Life, one of the sites where I contribute. Each month we gather at a different fitness studio in Chicago to sweat for an hour and then network for another 30 min with friends or other people interested in fitness. Oh, and we eat.

Last night’s workout was different from ones that I normally do in that it involved a lot of kickboxing. We took turns holding pads while another person practiced all kinds of kicks. I may have a bruised arm just from holding the pad! It was great and now my hip flexors are mad at me. I think we’ll make up though.


Delicious grass-fed beef post workout.


These gourmet pumpkin seeds were all amazing…even the chocolate one.


Daily Serving was there to supply preworkout juice and snacks!


2. Chicago at night

I walked home instead of taking the train last night because I love how the city looks at night. I’m even more excited to walk around when the weather is warmer and I’m not walking in my previously retired winter coat (wtf Chicago?)


3. Nespresso

I know I complained some about Nespresso’s quality before, but I stopped in the store today to pick up some decaf options. I switched to decaf a couple months ago after getting fed up with the random ways my body responds to caffeine.

I loved the display they had at the store, so that is one redeeming factor. The second is that they are such a great way to whip up the honey cashew milk lattes that I have been having a lot in the past few weeks. I still love my straight espresso from Starbucks, but I have been crushing on this drink for awhile now.


4. Chocolate chip cookies

My favorite cookie in the whole world is chocolate chip. Nothing is better to me than homemade ones and the other day Neil decided to make some. He is very particular about his consistency, so he set out to find the perfect recipe that would deliver him flat, chewy circles of joy (my term).

I jumped in as well and all of a sudden we were left with a huge amount of cookies.  I don’t know what happened, but I have never ended up with how many cookies are supposed to come out of a recipe. Wait, I just realized why right this minute. Neil wouldn’t let me eat half the bowl of dough which is probably why we ended up with so many!

Anyway, after eating 4 the first night and 3 the next day I forced him to take them all into work (leaving 3 behind of course).  Only one remains and I am savoring it. Nope, I just remembered it’s there and I am going to eat it.



5. “Why I Don’t Drink”

Earlier this week I published an article in The Huffington Post about why I don’t drink. I think for a lot of people it is easy to understand why I no longer use drugs, but some have a harder time understanding that that includes alcohol.

Why I Don't Drink

Well that’s it for this week friends! I hope you have a great weekend!


  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?
  • What’s your favorite cookie?
  • Decaf or regular?

20 comments on “Five Things Friday #40

  1. Decaf with regular. I don’t need much to get going. But I drink decaf allllll the time because I heart coffee. Sad that I missed out on Sweatworking, but given how my ankle continues to feel, it would have been bad news bears.

    1. Yes it would have been a horrible time for you if you had gone. I was actually paired up with Paul and Matheu so it was fun kicking around my boss.

      Sometimes I want regular espresso until I have it and feel like I am going to die. WHEN WILL I LEARN?

  2. This week I had lunch with a good friend I haven’t seen in weeks, definitely one of my favorite moments of the week! Sometimes I forget how much I need to connect with my girlfriends. We’re all so busy with work and family, it’s easy to push that quality time down the list of priorities. Favorite cookie…can ‘all’ be an answer? 🙂 I stopped eating gluten a few years ago and have yet to find a recipe I love as much as the recipes from my childhood. I always loved chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. My grandma would make peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s Kiss on top, those bring back great memories! Decaf for me!
    Keli recently posted…25 MinutesMy Profile

    1. That’s always something I need to do more of because I feel great after hanging out with someone besides myself!

      “All” can definitely be an answer. GF can be tough but there are so many amazing recipes now than there were before I’m sure you will find a new favorite!

  3. I’m more of a tea girl, except when it comes to cappuccino! My favorite cookie is white chocolate and raspberry that I used to get a bakery near my old office. I’m mourning for a few seconds now over the loss lol. My favorite new thing this week is prawn cocktail flavored potato chips – which is so weird because I am not a huge shrimp fan and I generally hate cocktail sauce. I think it’s because these remind of the old school ketchup chips I used to buy in Canada! Also, Chicago is so pretty!
    Erin recently posted…Why I Decided To Finally Get HealthyMy Profile

    1. I was in a big tea phase and then I just stopped. I think it will happen at some point but I can never predict when haha.

      I don’t even know what to do with that chip flavor. I’m intrigued and scared at the same time. Chicago is definitely pretty and let me know if you ever come back to the states and to Chicago (haha longshot?)

    1. I am so mad at this weather. It’s toying with my heart. You should definitely come but make sure you do when it is warm. This will be my first summer here but I have only heard amazing things from everyone!

  4. Chocolate chip cookies, all the way baby. And my dad has been sober in the program for 26 years and what I’ve noticed is that recovering alcoholics are prrrrretty much addicted to everything else lol (not drugs, just stuff like cigs and food). My dad has said many times, tongue in cheek, “I eat anything they make more than one of” meaning, he’s got an addictive personality and so help him god if he can stop at just one. I love the guy.
    Suzy recently posted…Blended Family Friday: All EarsMy Profile

    1. Yesssss chocolate chip.

      Yup, I can definitely become addicted to way more than drugs and alcohol. It just means I can’t slack on keeping up with recovery and I have to have a lot of self awareness. It can be tiring, but I know what happens when I stop so I’m working on just having it be second nature

  5. I’ve been stuck with decaf during this pregnancy, but I’m definitely looking forward to being able to go back to caffeine post-baby. Not because I need it (because at this point, Ive lost my caffeine addiction), but because there are just some days when you need that little extra something-something. 🙂

    Yumm… cookies. Now I want to go bake a giant batch! Did you figure out the best recipe for perfect fluffy pillows of chocolatey goodness?
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted…All about the springtime {Five Favorites Friday}My Profile

  6. Dangit I have to start going to those events! I’m so lazy! Make me go next month 🙂

    Chocolate chip cookies are the BOMB! I have my favorite one in my recipes (I didn’t create it haha so this isn’t shameless self-promotion). But it’s my favorite one I’ve found!

    I’m going to the 8:30 class at Sweat tomorrow in case you’ll be there!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…WIAW: not your average hump dayMy Profile

    1. I will never see you again! I had to go to a wedding last weekend so I wasn’t able to go to Sweat. I am teaching 430 today-thurs if you want to stop in!

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