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Running In Shorts + Trader Joe’s Finds

How was your weekend? The weather finally seems to be taking a turn for the better, so I was able to spend a lot of my weekend outside. Better yet, I was finally able to run outside in shorts. It was glorious.

Saturday Neil and I went on a epic adventure around the city, stopping at various spots to–you guessed it–eat all the things. Our first stop was a place called Wafel which served sandwiches on waffles. (Reminded me of Wicked Waffle back in MD).  They have the option of breakfast or lunch sandwiches and we opted for lunch with a turkey, tomato, avocado, and pesto mayo sandwich. We split a regular sized one so we could devour more food as we went along.



In finding a new donut place on Google Maps, we discovered an entire French Market hidden away in a train station. Granted, I probably could have discovered it by reading the signs that were outside, but it was like walking into a magical food land as showcased below:





Alright, so I only took pictures of these magical chocolates and another hidden location of Raw, but there were so many different food selections from Vietnamese to Indian to French (obviously).

We headed north to eat second lunch near our final destination of Sweet Mandy B’s, a bakery recommended to us after I pleaded to the world to tell me where I can find a dense, fudgy brownie. I grabbed another turkey-themed sandwich at Floriole Cafe and Bakery. I loved the ambiance of this place and if it were closer I would be here all the time.




After my sandwich we headed into Sweet Mandy B’s and I was frozen with indecision. So I got like 1/4 of the store. Neil can only tolerate a small amount of sweets, so he will have 1-2 bites and then I know the rest is up to me in addition to my selection(s). I will take one for the team.


Saturday night I stopped into Trader Joe’s and grabbed a couple frozen things to include in various meals. This burger was actually pretty spicy so I approve.




I also grabbed some flowers because once the weather gets nice and sunny I usually add flowers to my weekly shopping list. They make me happy. TREAT YO SELF. Note: Trader Joe’s may have the cheapest flowers I have ever seen. This may be another thing to lure me in.


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Sunday morning Neil and I met up with our friend Matt who will be moving from VA to Chicago in the next month or two. Score! We met at Wildberry at 7 am because any later and we would be waiting forever. That’s what happens when places are bangin and don’t take reservations.


After breakfast I wasted 20 minutes trying to take a picture of myself showcasing my shorts that I got to wear because the weather was so nice. You’re welcome.



5.5 miles at an 8:40 pace. My shins/calves actually seem to be alright, so maybe I am getting used to my shoes after all.


I made cashew milk and another Blue Apron dinner (short rib burgers with roasted sweet potatoes). They were amazing.


After exciting Sunday laundry, Neil and I caught up on Brooklyn 99. It was a glorious weekend. For those of you who celebrated Easter, I hope you had a great one!!


  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Is it warm where you are?
  • Do you treat yo self?
  • What else is good at Trader Joe’s? (I’m really trying to like it!)

23 comments on “Running In Shorts + Trader Joe’s Finds

    1. I love how concerned you are about my relationship with TJs. I am definitely down for bakery hopping…lets make this happen.

  1. you’re right, the flowers at TJ’s are amazingly well priced!!! i went through a plant/flower frenzy there before and walked out with a greenhouse worth of stuff. it’s manic.
    those vegetable burgers look awesome, my husband would love that since indian food is his favorite cuisine, so i basically put curry and masala in everything. i’m still figuring out what i like at TJ’s but right now i’m all about their bags of greens for $1.99. i buy several and freeze them, cuz i’m a veggie hoarder!

    1. They’re definitely tasty! Don’t worry about your veggie problem, there are worse things to hoard!

  2. Waffle sandwich?! What? I guess living in a small city has it’s disadvantages because they don’t have things like that here! A day of food hopping sounds so fun! You must try the sea salt dark chocolate almonds from Trader Joes. I have had other dark chocolate almonds before but these are the best!
    Lindsey @Fit Life Pursuits recently posted…An Oregon Life For MeMy Profile

    1. I will be on the lookout for that next time. Anything with chocolate in it gets my attention. You can always make your own waffle sandwich at home too, who needs a restaurant?

  3. So many treats! Wow! Glad you finally got to run in shorts — it’s been really warm in Glasgow the past couple of days too! One thing I love (or loved) at TJ’s (depending on whether or not they still sell it) is their “Guilt Free” Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip. It’s so addicting!
    Erin recently posted…Easter WeekendMy Profile

  4. The TJ’s vodka sauce with their turkey meatballs is a good staple at our house (we aren’t Italian, so we don’t have homemade goodness to compare it too). I’m obsessed with their Garlic Chicken Sausages too. I eat them with the frozen brown rice or saute them with a veggie, add noodles and a little EVOO and garlic. I’m obsessed with that place, I could go on and on about my faves from there. And yes, our bi-weekly flour come-ups come from there! They were a condition upon moving in together with the BF! xoxo, ganeeban
    ganeeban recently posted…Rose & Thorn [44]My Profile

    1. I saw those sausages but I don’t like sausage in general. If it tastes like chicken then I’ll buy them all. Let me know!

    1. The weekend weather was great but the past two days have been cold and rainy. So lame. At least my car got a washing?

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