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Five Things Friday #41

Another week in the books! Today Neil and I head back to the east coast for another wedding. Depending on when you read this I will either be waking up and stressing to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, in midair, or enjoying time with some long-missed friends back in VA.  I am looking forward to catching up with friends and family and I hope I can fit it all in before we leave to come back on Sunday!

Like most of these Friday posts, there are a lot of foods included. Neil is forever tracking our spending and since he started using a different card a majority of the time he told me last night that he can see our individual spending habits more clearly.  You’ll never guess what mine look like. Spoiler alert: I spend money almost exclusively on food.

You could say that my picks for this week’s Five Things Friday are actually ALL food if you want to be corny about it: food for the body, food for the mind/soul, and food for my bottomless pit of a stomach. You’re welcome for that.

1. SoulCycle

I talked about going to SoulCycle before on the day they opened here in Chicago and I had the opportunity to go again as a member of Windy City Blogger Collective on Tuesday night.  The best part was that all my friends were in one place at one time which NEVER HAPPENS. We have been trying to get together for like 2 months now and our schedules never align.


Lauren, Sara, Erica, and Susie (thanks for the picture!)


2. Trader Joe’s Chinese Food

Like SoulCycle, I have been popping in here and there to tell you about how I am warming up to TJs. Before I only talked about their Kung Pao chicken, but now I can attest that all of their Chinese food is really good and the ingredients are also pretty spot on.  The only one I don’t think I’ll get again is the spicy beef and broccoli (not pictured) that I made last night.  Remember, I don’t even like Chinese food so this is a big deal for me. Mine and Neil’s favorite so far? BBQ Chicken Teriyaki.


3. Carry On, Warrior

My SIL sent me a post from Momastery a little while ago and since then I have added Glennon’s blog to my Bloglovin feed.  I admire honest and authentic writing and she definitely has all of that and more. I love supporting people who inspire me so I bought her book Carry On, Warrior (affiliate) and am about halfway through.

The book is broken into different chunks of time and each chapter relates to the overall section it is in.  The chapters are written like a series of blog posts so there may not be a lot of continuity chapter to chapter but the main themes are all the same under each section.  When someone’s writing can actually evoke emotion from me, I know it’s a winner.


4. Hannahmax Crunchy Cookie Chips

When I made my dark chocolate sea salt almond butter this week I had to run to Walgreens so I could get chocolate to use. While I was there I saw these just hanging out at the end of the aisle. I was intrigued so I bought them and then proceeded to eat them all.  Don’t worry, it was a small bag.

I bought the sea salted PB flavor and they were SO GOOD. They are healthier for you than regular cookies and had decent ingredients, but I could still taste that they were something I shouldn’t buy in bulk.  God help me if I find them in a bigger bag.


5. Honey Nut Cheerios

Another Walgreens find. I had been craving Honey Nut Cheerios for a couple weeks but I didn’t want to buy a whole box because I knew that I would only want the one bowl.  I found an individual serving at Walgreens and had it one night after dinner.

I didn’t just want a regular bowl, though. I needed to prepare it like I did when I was a kid which is to pour it in a bowl, add milk, put extra honey on the top, THEN dunk all the Cheerios in the milk. That way as you eat it you still have some honey on random Cheerios and some of the honey sinks to the bottom. When you are done with the cereal, you drink the milk by scraping your spoon along the bottom to get some honey with your milk. Man now I want to go buy some more.


I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday to share all my weekend adventures!

OH I have one more thing. For my local readers, if you are interested in attending the Fit Expo this weekend I have a coupon that will get you $10 off the admission!  I would totally be there if I wasn’t out of town so if anyone goes let me know how it is!!



  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?
  • What do you spend the most money on?
  • Do you eat things a specific way?

17 comments on “Five Things Friday #41

  1. I spend so much of my money on food! Mostly eating out though, so I am becoming a master of London’s healthier restaurant options if anyone ever needs any tips 🙂

    My favourite thing is this £2 nail polish I got from the supermarket. I have three colours of this cheapo brand, and they last 72 hours without fail. God, what a silly girly answer. It’s true though.

    We’re off to a wedding on Sunday – have fun at yours!
    Hannah @ Will Run For Coffee recently posted…66Audio BTS Bluetooth Running Headphones ReviewMy Profile

    1. Whenever I buy nail polish it is always the $2 kind at Walgreens. I can’t understand paying $10 for nail polish!

      Hope your wedding was fun!!

  2. I’m totally bummed that we don’t have Trader Joe’s in Canada. I could hop across the border but it’s chancy to gamble with the border line-ups with a baby in the car. Callum could decide to just snap-foo and then we’re stuck. It would NOT be pretty and there is no amount of Chinese food that could ever take that pain away! But anyway, I don’t really eat food in any particular way but I DO have to finish it all with chocolate. Even if it’s a fistful of chocolate chips.
    Suzy recently posted…Blended Family Friday: When Unicorns Spray BrownMy Profile

    1. Yeah that sounds like it could get a little messy.

      I am totally with you on that chocolate. I stopped buying so much for awhile because things were getting out of hand…

    1. That’s the only one we haven’t tried yet so we will have to make it soon!

      I will have to try that recipe!

    1. I justified it by saying that technically I am buying food for both of us, but in reality I do buy a lot for myself haha.

  3. You bought the Carry On warrior book! You have to tell me how it is! I haven’t read her book, just follow her blog. But I like her writing. Glad you liked it too!

    Teriyaki chicken from TJs, huh? I’ll have to give it a try. I also like their shrimp stirfy.

    1. You should definitely try it…and I will pick up this stirfry.

      Like I said, the book is all yours when we see you in a couple months!

    1. You’re the second person to recommend the orange chicken and that’s the one we haven’t tried yet. Better get on that!

    1. I haven’t but I’ve seen it. Now that I know the magic of these cookies I will have to try that as well 🙂

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