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BIG NEWS: I’m Writing A Book (and I Need Your Help)!

Before I get into the big news, I want to remind you there are TWO giveaways going on right now. My 2 year giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight and your chance to #getyourfreekehon ends next Tuesday at midnight!

I'm Writing a Book

Alright guys, BIG things are happening over here and I need you to be part of it. Writing a book is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but I could never wrap my idea around the structure, the process, and most importantly, the topic.

All of that changed the other night as I laid down to sleep and was struck with the most amazing idea. I was excited and couldn’t calm down again for almost an hour (don’t you love that?).  I could intuitively sense that this idea was what all of my struggles were meant for. What hitting bottom, learning to take responsibility for my actions in a jail cell, and continually having to push forward when it would be so much easier to give up were meant for.

They were meant for you.

I want to take all of the most important things I have learned through recovery and through learning to pick myself back up and give that to you. Because not only do these life lessons help others in recovery, they can help ANYONE at ANYTIME. You know all those posts that I write about self-care and becoming the best versions of yourself? I never would have learned those things if my life didn’t go the way it did.

My book is a way to share more of those things with you—each day. I plan to fill it with 365 daily reminders/quotes/motivations/whatever you want to call them about how to get through the tough times in life, how to learn to love yourself, and how to keep pushing forward each day.

Now here is where I need your help. I know many of you have had your own struggles and have overcome many great things. I know that one of the reasons some people start blogs is because they have gone through something and want to offer hope to others who may be in that same situation. I first started Erin’s Inside Job after realizing how impactful it was to read about someone overcoming an eating disorder and talking about a healthier relationship with food. These people show that there is a way out and by writing about it, they give me hope.

I have a decent list started, but I want to hear from all of you (365 is a LOT!). If you have any experience with recovery of any kind OR have had struggles with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, I need your help.

I am setting up an email list for those of you who may be interested in contributing. This is a list specific to this book and your email won’t be used for anything except that. I plan to gather emails and send out a more detailed description next week of what I’m looking for and how we can go through this process together.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up below!

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Please share this with anyone you think has a message to share and would like to contribute. The more people the better!
A big thanks to Amanda for letting me think out loud!

11 comments on “BIG NEWS: I’m Writing A Book (and I Need Your Help)!

  1. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! I’m super excited for you, Erin! Writing a book has been something that I’ve always wanted to do as well, but with all the other stuff currently on my plate, it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. And you know I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I think it’s really great that you’re using your experiences to help others!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #147 .My Profile

  2. Hey girly signed up for your list and wishing you nothing but the best. It takes allot to write a book and you’ve got what it takes.

    Will look out for email and stay connected 🙂

    Good luck girly 🙂

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