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Five Things Friday #76

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I feel like this week has flown by, but that’s probably because I’ve been flying around all over myself.

My weekend is relatively low key and I may make another trip back to gymnastics with a friend who I have no problem bugging to spot me on my back handspring. I’ll report back on Monday if I had a better experience than last time.

To finish off the week, here are five things I am loving from this week!

1. Beet Boost

I was recently sent some samples of Beet Boost to try out and since I’m all read up on the science of consuming beet juice before a workout due to my beet smoothie bowl obsession, I tried them out this week. It’s a small amount of concentrated beet juice and tart cherry powder that you can toss in smoothies or drink by itself mixed with water.

Several studies have been done that show that consuming beet juice prior to working out helps to widen blood vessels, resulting in better blood flow, reduced blood pressure, and a decrease in the amount of oxygen needed for muscles during activity. Tart cherries, among other things, help reduce and fight inflammation. Trust me, I’m an almost-pharmacist. I know science and things.

I drank mine with water before my workouts this week and whether it was a placebo effect or not, I did feel less exhausted by the end. I wasn’t running out of breath as quickly and I felt like I have a solid workout when I was done. I’m going to keep using what I have and see how it plays out, but for now I like it!

Beet boost

2. Pistachio Ice Cream by DAVIDs TEA

So the tea I drink EVERY DAY is a mix of Saigon Chai and Cardamom French Toast from DAVIDs TEA. Cardamom French Toast is a seasonal flavor, so when I knew it was going away I bought (what I thought was) enough to tide me over for a long time. Well, I finished it all yesterday.

I stopped in the store last night to explain my plight and finally settled on a new flavor to mix with the Chai. It’s not quite as delicious of a mix as CFT (I’m too lazy to write it out), but it’s good. Of course this is ALSO a seasonal flavor, so if I really like then I’ll have to stockpile even more within a couple months.

Pistachio Ice Cream Davids Tea

3. Curling Wand by GVP

*contains affiliate link

I’ve used the same T3 curling iron for years. When I went and got my hair cut last week, my stylist Jordan curled my hair using this exact wand by GVP. I asked him what his opinion was between curling irons and wands, and he said he much preferred the versatility of the wand. He also advised me to get one that is the same width all the way down instead of the tapered ones because, in his words, “I don’t even know what that is or why.”

I asked him what brand it was and he told me GVP, which I found out is basically a generic brand that makes tons of different styling tools. They are still high quality, but don’t carry the high price tag as a lot of the big brands. I got this one on sale at Sally Beauty Supply for around $42, but I think it was normally around $50.

GVP wand

I’m obsessed with it. Here’s my hair when I did it myself and the picture I decided to send people to show them the power of the wand. You’re welcome. My curling iron hasn’t been making curls as much around the top of my head, so I love that this wand was able to give me a million! Now I just need to find a good mousse or something to put in my hair beforehand. Suggestions?

GVP wand Erin's Inside Job

4. Navitas Naturals Insider

I love this brand and my pantry will testify to that as well. I was recently accepted as a Navitas Naturals Insider, which means that I receive a discount on their products and access to news, events, giveaways, and contests. I bought a couple new powders to throw into smoothies and have a lot to use for the future. Giveaway??

On top of their amazing superfoods selection, I’ve always loved their packaging. Way to go marketing.

Nativas Naturals Insider

5. Probation

This one may seem a little out of place from foods and hair products, but this week was my second to last meeting with my probation officer. My five year probation term officially ends May 10th of this year, and I am so happy that it is almost done. No more check ins, probation fees, supervised urine drug screens (sweeeeet), and no more permission to travel out of the state. I’m certainly not allowed out of the country (except for my honeymoon), so once I am officially released, Neil and I plan to head to the islands for a long overdue vacation.

Fingers crossed that nothing comes up that delays my release. I’ll keep you updated as we get closer, but I’m so happy that five years is almost here.

For anyone interested in listening to my Canadian radio interview I mentioned last week, you can find the clip here. You’ll have to select the March 2nd show and my part starts at 25:10 and runs to the end. My video interview I did with Therapy Cable also airs today at 2:15 CST, so once I have a link to that I will share it!

Thank you all so much for coming back day after day and following me on this journey. You all are amazing.


  • What are you loving this week?
  • What are your plans for the weekend?

18 comments on “Five Things Friday #76

    1. It’s good! Tastes like wheatgrass haha. I’ve just been adding it to my smoothies so far

  1. I use the Navitas Naturals maca powder in my smoothies. I like to think it’s doing something good for my endocrine system. 🙂 Congrats on being SO CLOSE to the end of the parole process! Your personal growth story is a testament to your strength of character. And that first foreign vacay will be all the more sweet for it!

    1. Totally. And I’ll have to try out that powder as well. I made myself calm it down and not order everything haha

  2. BOTH those davids tea flavors sound unreal. I’m not sure I’ve seen them in Canada, but I’m going to have to ask. I didn’t know about the Hamilton’s “Wellness Wednesday” Radio station.. wow. So glad I have found this, and I look forward to hearing your segment.
    Congratulations on the (nearly) 5 years. This is huge and must feel pretty darn wonderful.
    Cora recently posted…Exercises for Breathe and Chakra Release PART ONE: IntroductionMy Profile

    1. Thanks Cora! I would think they have them there since it’s a Canadian company. The cardamom is seasonal so it’s not there til winter but the other ones should be there!

    1. Check out their store locator. I know I wasn’t near on me when I lived in VA and had to force my in laws to send me things haha. I guess I could have just ordered online though 🙂

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