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Five Things Friday #111

Happy Friday!

I’ve got a pretty light day today, which means I can wrap up early and get ready for our trip to Austin tomorrow 🙂 We are headed down this weekend to attend a friend’s wedding reception and will be there until Monday, so if you have any recommendations for food or fun, let me know! Also, since I won’t have my computer with me I probably won’t be back for a recap until Tuesday or Wednesday, but definitely follow along on Instagram since I’ll have stories and pictures galore!

Since we’ve all had a bit of a whirlwind week, let’s cheer up with some foods and other things I’m loving this week, shall we?

1. Quinn Popcorn

I have two savory things on this list today which is totally unlike me. I’m usually a sweet snacker all the way, but I guess I’m living on the edge this week. If you think about it, this maple kettle corn from Quinn Snacks doesn’t really count because it’s sweet popcorn, but whatever.

What was unique about this popcorn is that you pop the corn as you normally would in a microwave bag and then add some oil and maple ingredients separately. This allows you to control the amount of flavor which I thought was ingenious. I only used a small amount of the oil and maple sugar/sea salt combo and it was perfect. The only downside is that there are only two bags of popcorn per box.

Quinn Popcorn

2. Fairlife milk

I tried a sample of this milk last year when I randomly came across people handing out samples near my house. I liked it, but don’t normally drink milk, so I didn’t buy any after that. Lately, Neil and I have both been on a cereal kick at night and I’ve been wanting to have it with good ol’ whole milk instead of the almond milk I usually use. I can drink milk, but my body doesn’t like a huge amount of it, so I normally steer clear of milk by itself.

I saw that Fairlife was on sale when I was grocery shopping, so I grabbed some. Due to their filtering process, this milk has more protein and significantly less sugar than regular milk, so it seemed like a good alternative. I’m thinking it’s the sugar in regular milk that makes it so delicious, since I don’t get quite the same satisfaction from Fairlife, but I’m still diggin it.

Fairlife Milk

3. Booking travel

Neil and have started booking our travel for next year and planning out trips. We are going to finalize it more next weekend, but I’m most excited about our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic in January. We also just found out that a family member is getting married in Cancun next December, so it looks like we’ll have two island trips in 2017. SCORE.

So far on our docket we have DR, I’m heading back to MD in Feb for a fitness expo, wedding in NJ, LA, visiting my sister in Vermont, and I think that’s it? I’ll keep you updated!

As I mentioned in the beginning, we are headed to Austin this weekend, so if you have any food or fun recommendations, let me know!

punta cana


4. Wedderspoon Manuka Honey

Wedderspoon sent me some of their manuka honey and some other gourmet honeys as well. I’ve been hearing about the benefits of manuka honey for a couple years now, but never splurged on buying any. What’s different about manuka honey is that it is said to posses a number of nutritional and health benefits, from antibiotic properties to topical wound relief. I’m more inclined to eat it and not slather it on my cuts and abrasions, but that’s just me.

The KFactor is an indicator of potency. The higher the number, the more potent the honey is. A KFactor of 16 indicates that 75% of the pollen grains in the honey are from the manuka flower. To read more about the science behind the honey, check out any of their science pages.

Manuka Honey

5. Simple Mills crackers

You may have seen on my IG stories that I went to an event with Chicago-based company Simple Mills last week. There were several other Chicago companies present such as Vital Proteins and Kitchfix, both of which I love and have written about before.

I see Simple Mills all over the place, but hadn’t had the opportunity to try any of their products until last week. They make a collection of baking mixes, frostings, pizza doughs, and these crackers. Every product is made with real, simple ingredients (hence the name), and I have a bunch of them to work through in my upcoming baking sprees.

These almond flour crackers have been on rotation for me this week and they are so. good. I love basic, salty crackers and these really hit home. I had to stop myself before I finished the whole bag, but I could easily go through them in two sittings. Or one, let’s be serious.

Simple Mills Crackers

That’s all I’ve got for this week — let me know if you have any Austin recommendations or what you’re up to this weekend!


  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • What’s one of your favorite things from the week?

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  1. Happy Friday! So many fun trips you have coming up. We’ve been to DR three times and have always had a great time. We’re still narrowing down trips for next year but with your picture now I’m in the mood to start planning. Have a great time in Austin! Beautifully Candid

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