What Makes You A Warrior?

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There are several things that come to mind when I think about the word “warrior.” It’s someone who is strong and someone who has overcome adversity. The image that comes to mind is not just of a fighter, but of someone working to paddle upstream as the current struggles to wash them away.

Personally, I’ve had a number of “warrior moments” in my life. The biggest ones that jump out are:

  • Consistently working to find a balance of eating and fitness that works for me (after MANY ups and downs)
  • Entering (and staying in) recovery
  • Speaking about my experiences with addiction to help break the stigma surrounding it
  • Identifying and accepting help for depression and anxiety
  • Being able to reach new strength goals

Celebrating our accomplishments is important. One of the reasons I love this blog is that I’m able to look back over the years and see the improvements I’ve made and how far I’ve come. It can be easy to push past an accomplishment in search of the next one, but make sure you stop and appreciate how each hurdle makes you a stronger, smarter, more well-rounded person.

In the warrior spirit, I’m collaborating with Health Warrior on this post because I believe in their mission (and their bars are delicious 🙂 ). I was first introduced to the brand when I attended Fitbloggin’ in 2014. I talked with the reps, took a picture with Arian Foster, and ate a substantial number of samples whenever I passed the table.

Arian Foster

The company was founded in 2010, as the importance of chia seeds for nutritional and exercise health was starting to come to the forefront. Their bars use chia as the number one superfood ingredient, and they are small enough to snack on before a workout without feeling weighed down.

Health Warrior

As you know, I love all kinds of healthy bars. The problem is that many of them are either calorically dense enough to be a meal or they contain a high amount of protein, something that I don’t need with EVERY bar that I want to snack on.

Health Warrior bars are small, light, and perfect for when I only want a quick snack. They come in a ton of flavors; my favorites are the chocolate peanut butter and the banana nut (not pictured). If you’re looking for a larger amount of protein, they also have a superfood protein bar that includes chia, quinoa, oats, and peas.

Health Warrior 2

This month, they are also introducing two new flavors: vanilla almond chia bars and mint chocolate superfood protein bars.

Health Warrior 3

There are a couple important things going on with Health Warrior in the near future, too, so I wanted to take some time and share them with you.

First off, Health Warrior is hosting a kickstarter campaign through the middle of March to benefit the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico. This tribe was the subject of the book Born to Run, which initially brought the Health Warrior founders’ attention to chia seeds and the benefits they had for ultra long distance runners.

A new flavor of Chia bar, Mexican Chocolate, will be launched as part of this campaign with 100% of profits from the pledges going toward sustainable agriculture projects with the Tarahumara.

Health Warrior 4

Secondly, Health Warrior is hosting a “When Are You A Health Warrior?” Instagram Sweepstakes. To enter, upload an image that shows you feeling like a Health Warrior using the hashtag #HealthWarriorSweeps and tagging the brand @HealthWarrior. Images may contain healthy snacks, fitness shots, meal prep — basically anything that contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. Each participant will be entered to win $500 and a 6-month supply of Health Warrior Chia Bars. Not too shabby.

Take some time today to think about what things make you feel like a Health Warrior. Maybe it’s training and running a race you never thought you would. Maybe it’s successfully prepping meals for the week. Maybe it’s simply getting out of bed and going to that 6 am workout. Whatever it is, embrace it. Hold on to the things that make you feel strong and celebrate them.


  • What makes you feel like a “health warrior?”
  • Have you had Health Warrior bars before?
  • What’s a goal that would make you feel like a warrior if accomplished?

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