Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was great because my donut ice cream sandwich mission was accomplished. Photographic evidence: Let’s back up to Saturday morning. Since I still manage to wake up between 6 and 7 on the weekends, I got to enjoy a long, leisurely morning. I had tickets to the Chicago Food Truck Festival, but the gates didn’t open until 11 am. Friday night on my way home from teaching, I stopped into Lululemon because I had seen this bra and impulsively NEEDED it in my life. Truth be told, I was feeling discouraged about my back… View Post

Happy Monday friends! I’m thankful I only have a couple of days of work this week before heading off to CA for a week. Even though the weather isn’t that bad here in Chicago, you just can’t beat CA. I’m looking forward to hanging out with family and meeting up with friends while I’m out there. Until then, nose to the grindstone so that I can get everything done before I leave. This weekend was the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration and parade here in Chicago. It’s a day when they dye the river green and everyone gets obscenely drunk… View Post

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Humana. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to run the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon which was sponsored by Humana. As I mentioned in a post last week, I was completely unprepared to run this race. Following the Chicago Spring Half Marathon in May, I spent a month doing nothing but working out at Hardpressed, then lately I have been back at Sweat taking classes. I had done no dedicated running, so of course signing up to run 13.1 miles sounded like the best idea possible. I arrived home from… View Post

Well it is Tuesday and I am still alive after running the Chicago Spring Half Marathon. My knees and calves bothered me for a couple days, but that’s to be expected after not conditioning my body to run that kind of distance. I am questioning my decision to sign up for a session at Hardpressed this morning, so check back with me tomorrow to see if I survived that as well… Alright, on to what we have all been waiting for. Before the Race The race started off at Lakeshore East which is less than a 10 minute walk from… View Post

Let me tell you how amazing the weather is here today. The forecast is saying a high of 70 degrees, the sun is shining, and there is barely a cloud in the sky. What a welcome sight.  I think the rest of the week it may head back down in the 40s, but that is still way better than it has been! Ok, enough obligatory weather talk. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty action packed, so let me accost you with pictures. Here in Chicago St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with a fervor like no other. The river is… View Post