Happy Friday guys! I’ve been spending most of this week working and watching the Crossfit Games. I love being able to watch them because I always feel so motivated to get back to the gym and work my hardest. Whenever I want to give up in a workout, I can just think about they had to row AN ENTIRE MARATHON. That’s 26.2 miles on a stationary rower, no headphones, for an average of 3 hours. Get out. Now that our big party is behind us, this weekend is pretty relaxed. We will probably go see Mission Impossible at some point… View Post

Welp, another month come and gone. It was just starting to feel like summer here in the city, and now at the beginning of August it’s starting to feel a little cooler. I have my fingers crossed that it stays warm for awhile, but I do also love fall… In regular monthly fashion, here’s a look back at July and what’s been going on around these parts. Life July was one of the busiest months so far this year. The biggest thing we had going on was a party for our five year anniversary which effectively lasted from Friday — Sunday… View Post

Happy Friday! To be honest, this week has been weird because I took Thurs and Fri off to prepare for our anniversary party tomorrow. So basically I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday and it was a very confusing time all around. We have family coming in from out of town, so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone in one place this weekend. I’m planning a recap post next week, so stay tuned! To end the week, here are some of the things I’ve been loving. Make sure to let me know some of yours in the… View Post

I probably should have titled this post “a look at our home DECORATING” since it took us almost four years to find a style that we actually liked, but I guess technically we did redecorate from our shoddy previous attempts, so here’s a look at what we’re working with now! *Heads up — a few affiliate links below First stop is our bedroom, which is now painted a cool whitish blue color. We added these white shelves in the corner which actually make way more of a difference than I thought they would. All the plants you’ll see in this… View Post

As a personal trainer and someone who enjoys finding a balance in my own definition of healthy, I tend to notice habits of physically healthy people. I’ll likely follow up with a post about mentally or emotionally healthy people, but for today, these are some of the common denominators I try and practice in my own life and what I’ve observed in the lives of others. 1. They understand it’s a lifestyle Living a physically healthy life doesn’t mean “I’m going to eat well for 2 weeks so I can fit into ____ .” Many people fail to grasp that… View Post