And here we are in October. Crazy. I’m not going to lie though, the temperatures have dropped in Chicago and it’s been so nice to throw on an extra layer and walk to as many places as I can. I used to love the summer so much, but as I get older, I’m losing affection with humidity and sweating through my clothes — anyone else? Just this past weekend, Neil and I walked for miles around the city and made sure to stop at as many farmer’s markets as we could along the way. I had my first warm apple… View Post

WHY HELLO THERE. It’s been a hot minute since I had a Five Things Friday post and really this whole month in general has been a little wonky in terms of a posting schedule. I took breaks when my brain simply wasn’t working rather than try and push out mediocre content, took a break for our trip to Greece, and then just worked on getting the momentum going again. I have some fun stuff coming up in the next couple months, so we should be getting back to our regularly scheduled program here in October. Thank you as always for… View Post

Neil and I recently got back from a 10-day trip to Greece that included Crete, Santorini, and Athens. While every other major trip we have taken has been through sites like Groupon and Living Social, the only Greece option we were able to find at the time got terrible reviews, so we decided to GO CRAZY and book everything ourselves. It took an entire day of deciding how long to go, when to go, which islands to go to and for how long, and much more, but after a lot of headaches, WE HAD AN ITINERARY. As some of you… View Post

Instagram is such a tricky place. It’s full of highlight reels and perfect shots, destinations you may never travel to, and images that sometimes leave you feeling less than. It’s also a beautiful place for creativity, inspiration, and connection. Depending on which accounts you choose to follow, your social media experience can leave you feeling uplifted or drained. I made the decision to fill my feed with positivity. I follow food accounts that make my mouth water, videos about animals, and people who are looking to do more than just put on a pretty face. It took me awhile to… View Post

September is a very important mental health month — it’s National Recovery Month, National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and just so we can really hit things home, this week is National Suicide Prevention Week AND today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Obviously these all hold a special place in my heart because I have ties to each one. You all know I am in recovery and I make sure to emphasize that not only is it doable, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I feel that it’s something to be celebrated because there are so many of… View Post