Recently on Instagram I asked you to send me any fitness questions you may have — anything at all. I wanted to be able to create content for you guys that you would find useful and beneficial. While I received a good number of questions, I realized that many deserved their own post instead of just a Q & A roundup. One of the first questions I received was “what are some good apps for weight lifting at the gym if can’t afford personal trainer?” So I did some research, downloaded each of these apps, and made sure to go… View Post

Welcome to April where here in Chicago we still have some upcoming snow in the forecast. I think everyone in the city is getting a little antsy for winter to be over and to be able to finally shed those coats we’ve been wearing for what feels like forever. Luckily, Neil and I will be heading to Italy in 9 days where temperatures are already in the 60s. SO SOON. This month was actually pretty busy in terms of travel and events, but it all happened at the beginning. First, I visited my friend Jess in Charlottesville, VA so we… View Post

Hello and happy Friday! How has this week treated you? I’m doing alright over here — Donut finished up the last of her worms medicine, so she will get rechecked in 4-6 weeks to make sure those are all out of her system. Now to just teach her to stop eating dog poop… Neil and I are sitting down this weekend to plan everything for Italy which is in less than two weeks (!!). We are going to Rome, Florence, and Venice, so if there are any must-dos, let me know in the comments! Other than that it’s a slow… View Post

I’ve been complimented at my ability to get everything out in the open and talk about things that others might want to keep to themselves. It’s not something I was always capable of doing and I’m not good at it in all mediums. For instance, I’ve always been able to better convey things through writing than speaking. I’m able to convey emotions better and can selectively choose the vocabulary I use to paint a scenario in your mind. I love writing about tough topics on here and I enjoy sharing my story and what I’ve learned through speaking engagements (which… View Post

First off, I give credit for today’s post to my friend Ashley who published a similar one recently. It got me thinking about what fitness behaviors I no longer do, so I wanted to share them with you. Some I have learned to let go of after learning more as a personal trainer and some have just come with experience. Not everything is applicable to everyone, but I’ve found that these behaviors no longer suit my current fitness goals. Only cardio Don’t get me wrong — any type of physical exercise is better than no physical exercise, but there was… View Post