Welcome to Friday! I was so confused all week. Not in that I thought it was a day earlier or a day later, but when I tried to think of what day it was, I was more like “what is a day?” It took me a second to come back from existing in no man’s land and figure out where I was in the course of the week. I think I need a weekend. I’ve got some plans to check out a new location of my favorite donut shop in Chicago — Do-Rite Donuts — tomorrow (right after a workout… View Post

Last year I decided to hire a photographer to take pictures of me for the blog. It had always been something on my list of things to do, but for some reason I always held back because it didn’t register that I’d at some point have to invest money to make money (as the saying goes). I felt like it was something I’d get to some day, but I began to ask myself what my reasoning was behind putting it off. A lot of my early blogging years were me thinking that it would be nice to eventually have this blog become… View Post

Since I decided to switch to more periodic life updates over weekly ones, I figured the beginning of the month was a good time to recap what’s been happening around these parts. The weather is finally warming up and I’ve retired my jacket for the season (fingers crossed). Here’s a recap of the past few weeks. There wasn’t much travel this month and the only thing we have coming up in June is a family wedding, so the weekends should be pretty relaxed. The only place I went was Salt Lake City for the Everything Food Conference which was what… View Post

Happy Friday! How has your June been so far? The sun has finally come out here in Chicago and it’s GLORIOUS. I don’t have much on the agenda this weekend, so I’m hoping it stays that way despite the forecast not being quite as glorious. I’ll keep it short and sweet and get right into what I’m loving this week. Let me know what’s on your list in the comments! 1. Enlightened Ice Cream I received a shipment of Enlightened ice cream this week and Neil and I had a taste testing party. If you’re familiar with Halo Top ice… View Post

This post is in partnership with NOW Foods. I’ve made a lot of nut butters over the years, but never one from macadamia nuts. I had a couple bags in my pantry and I thought “why not?” The only thing I’ve ever known macadamia nuts to be good for are white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and that’s about it. I will rarely eat nuts by themselves, but break them down into butter and I’m a serious sucker. Let me tell you, this was the fastest one I’ve ever made. I’m used to turning on the processor, doing other things until… View Post