I have about a month to go until I get into the third trimester, and I wanted to get this post written so that I could share some of the clothing items that I’ve found to be helpful during the second. I’m in a good spot where I can still wear a lot of my regular tops, and it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I realized that I really did have to do something about things like pants and bras. My style may be slightly atypical since I basically wear activewear 24/7 given my job outside the house… View Post

This post is sponsored by adidas. As promised in this post, I’m here to address not only my own fitness during pregnancy, but also to dispel some of the common fitness myths that exist around pregnant women. *I am a certified personal trainer, but I am not a doctor. Make sure to get clearance from your doctor before starting an exercise program or continuing your own during pregnancy. Many of the strict guidelines that once surrounded exercise and pregnancy have fallen by the wayside. In fact, women are now heavily encouraged to partake in some type of exercise at least 30… View Post

I feel like this month has been full of pregnancy posts (and it kinda has). Now that the news is out, the gender is out, and I’ve talked about our decision to start a family, this should be the last post for a little bit. They’ll be more spaced out going forward and you’ll see more of the regular content around here. I wanted to get this post up before I forgot too much from the first trimester. I’m currently 16 weeks, so moving right along in the second. So far this pregnancy has been a pretty easy one and… View Post

This weekend Neil and I found out the gender of the baby! We wanted to know, but also wanted it to be a surprise to us, so I picked up an envelope from the doctor’s office and delivered it directly to my favorite Chicago donut shop — Do-Rite Donuts — for them to customize an order for us. There were six with blue icing, six with pink icing, and all twelve were filled with the color of the gender. We had no idea what it would be until we bit into them. 🙂 IT’S A BOY!! We are so excited!… View Post

Short answer: my therapist made me do it. 🙂 I place a lot of weight on things that I’ve learned in therapy and recovery — both from people who have been there before and those who are clinically trained to help me with my neurotic thought processes. Before I get into that, however, it’s important to back up and first express my trepidation with having kids and making such a life-changing decision. Having kids was never the issue for me; I always envisioned myself with one or two, but the problem came with the disconnect in where I saw my… View Post