This was the subject of a presentation I gave at a mental health marketing conference back in 2016. For the purposes of that presentation, I wanted to explain the importance of both authenticity and transparency by companies and brands working in the mental health field. The distinction between the two was only one slide just for clarification purposes and went on from there. In today’s saturated social media world, these words get thrown around all the time — so much so, in fact, that they seem to have lost all meaning. On a lesser extreme, they simply feel diluted as… View Post

I was planning out my content calendar the other day when I stopped and said WAIT…it’s October? Didn’t I start this blog in September? Did I miss writing a 5-year blogging post?? Yes, yes I did. I’ve officially been blogging for 5 years (plus a month and a half), which is crazy. I’ve never lost my passion for it — burnout, yes, but that’s later — which tells me that it’s something that I should continue to put my energy and passion into to continue growing it to be the best it can be. I took a look back at… View Post

Instagram is such a tricky place. It’s full of highlight reels and perfect shots, destinations you may never travel to, and images that sometimes leave you feeling less than. It’s also a beautiful place for creativity, inspiration, and connection. Depending on which accounts you choose to follow, your social media experience can leave you feeling uplifted or drained. I made the decision to fill my feed with positivity. I follow food accounts that make my mouth water, videos about animals, and people who are looking to do more than just put on a pretty face. It took me awhile to… View Post

Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time creating content for this blog and social channels such as Instagram, but I’m pretty aware of the fact that the “perfect shot” takes time to capture and that the final product is only part of the whole of someone’s life. For those people who don’t deal with the behind the scenes of a million images, messy food shots, pre-image conceptualization, and editing, it may seem that those people you follow on social media live a picture perfect life. I think we’ve all been told not to compare our behind the scenes… View Post

It took me around four years to buy my first real camera. For the first several years of this blog and my Instagram account, I only used my iPhone. I became proficient in figuring out lighting, angles, and most importantly — editing. (Editing is a MUST if you want the best pictures regardless of whether you use a phone or an actual camera). When asking yourself if you need a real camera, there’s one main thing to consider. What are you doing with your images? If your main social platform is Instagram and you’re killing it there, you may be… View Post