I’m roughly two weeks away from working entirely for myself. My only remaining job where I work for an employer is relatively hands-off as the company is based on the west coast, so I’ve been effectively working for myself for a couple months now. I don’t know that I ever pictured my life where it is today; in fact, I imagined at this point in my life I would be practicing pharmacy for virtually the rest of my life. To think that I was a person capable of owning a business would have been laughable to me. I was an… View Post

Since moving to Chicago almost three years ago, I’ve been running around the city trying to figure out how to make a life for myself. Initially upon our arrival, I decided I wanted to switch careers since I could no longer work in pharmacy and I didn’t want to do administrative work for the rest of my life. I decided to become certified as a personal trainer and see where it went from there. I was lucky in that Neil’s company paid for our relocation and helped us financially for a couple months following the move, so the amount of… View Post

I’ve been doing a lot of unfollowing lately. It’s happened mainly on Instagram since that is where I spend a lot of my social media time. I’ve already written about how I feel about non-credentialed information and the fact that it’s your responsibility in how you receive information and it’s that second post that kept me on the fence about writing this one. In it, I argue that no matter what someone else says or writes, it’s your responsibility as the reader/viewer how you respond to that information. If it’s triggering, stop reading it, etc. I argue that it’s not… View Post

Last year I decided to hire a photographer to take pictures of me for the blog. It had always been something on my list of things to do, but for some reason I always held back because it didn’t register that I’d at some point have to invest money to make money (as the saying goes). I felt like it was something I’d get to some day, but I began to ask myself what my reasoning was behind putting it off. A lot of my early blogging years were me thinking that it would be nice to eventually have this blog become… View Post

Last weekend’s conference couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been feeling overworked, unbalanced, and even wrote a post about it before I left for Utah. I’m pretty attuned to the symptoms of burnout and felt them creeping up on me as I pushed myself to make more and be more in my career. I have this instant gratification and impatience problem. 🙂 Last weekend’s conference left me feeling inspired and invigorated — exactly the opposite of how I had expected to feel after three consecutive weekends of travel. I felt like I did when I hit publish… View Post