I love blogging, but I think that comes as no surprise. I love writing, organizing, maintaining (not as much), and especially learning about what is changing and happening in the digital atmosphere. The landscape of blogging and social media changes at such a rapid pace that there’s always something new to learn and if you have issues with change or open-mindedness, then you may find yourself stalling out or giving up out of frustration. Blogging is HARD WORK. For those who don’t maintain one, it seems as if we sit down, do a brain dump, post and DONE! For those… View Post

Happy Monday! Last week and part of the weekend I spent in Indianapolis for this year’s Fitbloggin’ conference. All my travel is finally done for July and I can settle back into a normal work schedule. Wait, is that a good thing? I have a special place in my heart for Fitbloggin’. It’s the first conference I ever went to and where I met people like Katy, Lindsay, and Monica. I made new friends that I still have to this day and it showed me how incredible the blogging world and community could be. Flashback: Fitbloggin Recap Part One Fitbloggin… View Post

To be honest, I haven’t published anything to The Huffington Post since November of last year. Life got busy, I didn’t want to duplicate posts from my blog for fear of Google penalizations, and I simply didn’t make it a priority. I always had it scribbled at the bottom of my permanent to-do list, with more pressing things always taking precedence. Over the past few weeks, I’ve received more emails from readers who seemed to have the same questions about their Huffington Post publications: Why can’t I find my post? Why don’t I seem to be getting any traffic and/or… View Post

Long time, no blogging-related post. I still have a huge list of topics to write about related to blogging, and this one called my name today. I’m a big fan of working with brands in a variety of ways. Just in the last (almost) three years that I’ve been blogging, the landscape has changed so much and I love going along with the ride. A quickly changing market means that you need to be able to adapt and innovate in order to stay on or ahead of the curve. Make sure to think about how you can work together with… View Post