I had the idea for this post as I spent an extra 30 min yesterday filming a video about farmer cheese, picking up a grilled cheese sandwich as part of an exchange to promote National Grilled Cheese today (it’s today), and buying a $9 sushi donut because it’s the first place I’ve seen them in Chicago. I did all of this for Instagram. If you don’t use your Instagram as a marketing tool or as an extension of your blog or other online presence, this may seem absurd. For me, I absolutely love it. Ever since I started my blog… View Post

I haven’t written a blogging-related post in awhile. I’ve posted a lot about technical issues associated with blogging, but those posts were geared more towards bloggers. Today’s post is a reflection of things I’ve noticed when reading blogs. Granted, the advice is still geared towards those people writing the blogs, but let me know in the comments if you’ve had similar experiences when reading through a post. People are busy. Many blog readers, myself included, won’t dive in depth into every post. Many times they will skim the content, share it if it’s convenient or relevant, and move on. Based on… View Post

Ok ok, that title may be a little overdramatic. In all honesty, though, a simple social network has truly brought me so many gifts. A little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to focus on growing my Instagram account. At that point, I had about 600 followers and I told myself that by the time a year went by I wanted to have 10K. I reached that goal a month short of the one year mark and now I’m starting to set new goals for myself. Instagram is an extension of this blog, where I emphasize balance… View Post

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for three years. Erin’s Inside Job initially started out as a way for me to share my health journey and ramble about running because that was what was most important to me three years ago. It wasn’t until a couple months into blogging that I actually got real and shared my whole addiction story with you — partially because I was still working in an office setting and worried what it may do to my job if my employers found out. Then I said F it. I rushed my early posts to get done… View Post

I love blogging, but I think that comes as no surprise. I love writing, organizing, maintaining (not as much), and especially learning about what is changing and happening in the digital atmosphere. The landscape of blogging and social media changes at such a rapid pace that there’s always something new to learn and if you have issues with change or open-mindedness, then you may find yourself stalling out or giving up out of frustration. Blogging is HARD WORK. For those who don’t maintain one, it seems as if we sit down, do a brain dump, post and DONE! For those… View Post