I’ve been pretty open about the things I’ve been through and one of those is my problem with exercise addiction. Here’s a look at how I found my balance and some tips on how you can too. 🙂 One thing I’ve learned through my recovery from drugs and alcohol is that addiction is addiction and it simply manifests itself in different ways for different people. For me, it’s a way to control things that are outside of my control. When things in my life seem uncomfortable or unmanageable, I would seek to exert control by controlling those things I could.… View Post

During one of my workshops last year, our focus topic was on body image. We discussed the obvious sentiments of how we felt with the way women were (and are) portrayed in the media, things that make it more difficult for women to accept and love themselves, and our own personal struggles with body image and what we do to help overcome those issues (hint: we are still working on them). One comment stood out and this is why I love discussing things in a group of diverse and varied individuals. I learn things. I approach them from a different… View Post

I love smoothies. I love how easy it is to throw things in a blender and come out with a healthy, filling snack or meal. It’s an easy way for me to get more protein and greens because I’m notoriously bad at eating enough vegetables throughout the day. Smoothies are popular at gyms and even their own stand alone stores. The problem with some of these smoothies, however, is that many of them aren’t as healthy as they seem to be. There can be added sugar, unbalanced nutritional profiles, and inappropriate portion sizes. In order to make sure you’re actually… View Post

The short of it is that it’s no different from fitness at any other point of the year. There’s something about the end of the year that causes people to look back and reevaluate how the previous 12 months have gone. Did they accomplish the goals they set this time last year? Is there room for improvement? Should they continue what they’re doing or do something different? One of the first things people focus on is their health. It’s become commonplace to see advertising geared at weight loss and health around the end of each year and I’m sure you… View Post

(Ok, I know the title and the picture don’t really match, but bear with me.) 🙂 As I did some research for this post, almost immediately I was annoyed. I was doing some keyword research and first looked up “exercise makes me happy.” There were tons of articles on popular websites touting the happiness-inducing effects of exercise. These articles were filled with exclamation mark-laden paragraphs emphasizing that as long as you exercise, you’ll be happy for “days on end!” ( <– actual quote) I then countered with the search “exercise doesn’t make me happy” and found significantly fewer results. Almost… View Post