First off, I give credit for today’s post to my friend Ashley who published a similar one recently. It got me thinking about what fitness behaviors I no longer do, so I wanted to share them with you. Some I have learned to let go of after learning more as a personal trainer and some have just come with experience. Not everything is applicable to everyone, but I’ve found that these behaviors no longer suit my current fitness goals. Only cardio Don’t get me wrong — any type of physical exercise is better than no physical exercise, but there was… View Post

I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East conference over the weekend and I wanted to share with you some of the information I took away concerning fitness and nutrition. To be honest, this year’s conference was a little underwhelming. I felt like there weren’t as many options and at least two of the sessions I signed up for were verbatim the same as the ones I did last year. Same slides, same exercises, etc. It was a disappointment to pay to attend a conference and not have new material presented. That being said, I… View Post

Exercise is great. I love it and it’s why it’s part of my career. Many times, I hear frustration from people who go to the gym but aren’t seeing the results that they want. It’s not always as simple as spending 30 minutes on the elliptical or throwing around a pair of dumbbells. Here are some of the biggest reasons you’re not seeing results from your workouts. 1. Diet As I mentioned in this post, what you eat outside of the gym or studio is tremendously important. Simply because you’re exercising doesn’t mean that you are able to eat indiscriminately… View Post

This month marks one year since I’ve been regularly attending Crossfit and strength workout classes. I love the progress I’ve made, the skills I’ve acquired, and the community I’ve joined. I feel more confident in a lot of areas and the past two weekends of moving around furniture with Neil has been tiring but also a piece of cake. What I haven’t learned to love is how it has changed my body. There’s a popular myth that lifting weights will make you bulky. The truth behind this myth is that women don’t have the testosterone levels that men do to… View Post

I have a problem spending money. Ok, that not 100% accurate in that I don’t have a problem spending small amounts of money. Of course those small amounts add up before I realize it (ugh), but I struggle at spending what I feel is a lot of money…all at once…for one thing. Anyone else? Some things, I have learned over time, are worth the investment. I learned through repurchasing inferior products when one would break or from getting tired of putting in more work than was really necessary. Here’s my list of food and fitness products that are worth it.… View Post