*This post is sponsored by Cal-EZ. All opinions and experiences are my own. Thank you for the support! It was not in my life plan to become a personal trainer. From an early age, I decided that for my career I would be both an author and a marine biologist at the same time. Or an oceanographer — I hadn’t made up my mind on that one yet. In high school I wanted to be a math teacher because I had several who were phenomenal and made me love doing complicated calculus problems. In college I decided to pursue psychology even… View Post

I think nutrition is fascinating. I always like learning new research and finding new foods to try. One thing that excited me about this fitness challenge is that there was a nutritional component involved. It wasn’t just working out and eating what I had been eating, it encompassed both of those things and how they work in tandem. A short background on why and how I’m tracking my meals: In order for us to receive our customized nutrition plans, we first had to complete a BioSignature Modulation assessment. The fat levels on twelve sites on the body were measured and… View Post

I’ve mentioned briefly that this week I started a 4-week fitness challenge at a local gym. I wanted to take some time to talk about why I decided to do it. What does the challenge consist of? Exclusive workouts at the gym 4-6 times a week (you can take yoga and mobility classes outside, but nothing else) Personalized meal plans based on 12-point bio-sig data (skinfold measurements) that helps take into account hormonal differences in each person Each person is given their own meal plan based on the data acquired by the skinfold assessments. We were also able to attend a… View Post

When you decide to make a career out of fitness, many assumptions arise. People assume that you exercise all day every day, you eat super healthy, and it’s never a struggle to stay on track. This post is to show that those people who work in fitness are just like everyone else. Here are some of my examples. Late showers This was the one that gave me the idea for this post. I try to be as efficient with my time as possible, and a lot of the time that means going right from one thing to another. Often I… View Post

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Vital Proteins. All opinions are my own. 🙂 I’ve tried TONS of protein powders. The main way I use them is to throw them in my smoothies following a workout. While protein powders still have a place in my heat (and pantry), they can sometimes be limiting in the fact that many are flavored. This obviously has an effect on the resulting smoothie and some ingredients may go well with one flavor but not another. When I discovered Vital Proteins almost a year ago, it was a game-changer. Depending on which… View Post