Sooooo I’m leaving this afternoon for a 5-day excursion. It’s really nothing extravagant; I booked this trip about three months ago after returning from the Everything Food Conference filled with inspiration and the pull to write again. You can read that post here. That previous post really sums up the what and why of this trip, so I’m going to jump into my expectations of what I want from the next five days in order to keep me accountable. As Type-B as this entire thing sounds, my Type-A personality needs some structure in order to actually make it relaxing. That… View Post

Can you believe it’s already September? The weather is starting to cool off which I’m really looking forward to because the older I get, the more I feel that my favorite time of year is fall. I have my writing trip to Michigan scheduled for later this month and I’m REALLY excited about it. Before I get ahead of myself, though, it’s time to take a look back at August. Towards the end of the month I took a trip to visit my sister in Vermont. It was a great way for me to get outside of the city, away… View Post

Somehow it’s already the end of July — how did this happen? Up until this month, we had been traveling quite a bit. This time we didn’t have any trips, but July still felt packed and busy with other things going on. Let’s just get the most important part of the month out of the way, shall we? Donut In case you missed it, Neil and I adopted an Australian cattle dog/hound mix from PAWS, a local shelter here in Chicago. We named her Donut and she has been so sweet since the day we brought her home. We brought… View Post

If you’ve been following for any length of time, you probably know how much I love dogs. I take creepy videos of them, I run after them on the street so I can pet them, and any other number of “crazy dog lady” things. Although I’m not going to stop doing this, I can safely carry out a majority of it in my own home since this weekend we officially adopted a dog. Meet Donut. Donut is a 4 month old Australian Cattle dog/Coonhound mix. She’s incredibly sweet and extremely loving. She stayed in her crate the very first night… View Post

I can’t believe another month has gone by! June has come and gone and I’d say it’s finally summer here in Chicago. I’m looking forward to July for a couple reasons — 1) our wedding anniversary and 2) my birthday. I’m planning on getting an actual camera that I can’t wait to play with and get some better pictures for the blog. Before I get too ahead of myself though, let’s take a look back at what June brought. Wedding We flew to New Jersey to attend Neil’s cousin’s wedding. It was an epic several-day event that involved multiple outfits,… View Post