It took me roughly 26 years of my life to realize that I had been approaching my problems all wrong. When I was required to take a course that I didn’t like, I would constantly complain and ask myself why this was even necessary. When I was arrested and sent to jail, I pointed my finger at others and wallowed in my consequences. When I learned that I would have to change many aspects of my behavior in order to become a person that no longer relied on drugs and alcohol, I grumbled that it was unfair and that I… View Post

Although I’m able to be pretty flexible with my schedule and do a good amount of work at home, I’d say that what I do for a living still involves a fair amount of interaction with others. Part of the time I’m a personal trainer (to wonderful clients, which helps) and part of the time I work on this blog and social media content. I think the most accurate term to describe my personality would be the term “extroverted introvert,” but if wavering between the two, I am most definitely more likely to fall prey to introversion than to the… View Post

I wanted to take a stab at a new blog series because it was honestly the one topic that made my fingers want to type. You may have noticed that since before our trip to Greece, I slowed down on posting. I didn’t really give myself enough time to get ahead of posts for when we were on our trip, so I just left it with one a week. Then when I got back, I found myself sitting in front of the computer for consecutive weeks, pouring over the same master list of post ideas that I’ve had forever and… View Post

September is a very important mental health month — it’s National Recovery Month, National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and just so we can really hit things home, this week is National Suicide Prevention Week AND today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Obviously these all hold a special place in my heart because I have ties to each one. You all know I am in recovery and I make sure to emphasize that not only is it doable, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I feel that it’s something to be celebrated because there are so many of… View Post

Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time creating content for this blog and social channels such as Instagram, but I’m pretty aware of the fact that the “perfect shot” takes time to capture and that the final product is only part of the whole of someone’s life. For those people who don’t deal with the behind the scenes of a million images, messy food shots, pre-image conceptualization, and editing, it may seem that those people you follow on social media live a picture perfect life. I think we’ve all been told not to compare our behind the scenes… View Post