This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign. All anecdotes and opinions are my own. *Warning — this post contains descriptions of disordered eating and other behaviors that may be triggering to some people. Just a heads up! Almost a year ago, I wrote a post on here advocating for users to take responsibility for how certain social media accounts made them feel: if you’re not getting anything positive out of them, simply unfollow. I still agree that as adults, this is the way we should handle our responses to others’ social media profiles. But when it… View Post

The first week in October is Mental Illness Awareness Week. I first found out about it last year when I was diagnosed with depression. It’s been a year since I’ve written about those times (!), and even though I think it’s important to talk about it WHENEVER, I wanted to use today’s thinking out loud post to highlight it during this dedicated week. In case you’re new or missed my journey last year, here are a couple posts dealing with it specifically: Mental Illness Awareness Week There’s Always a Reason, But It May Not Be What You Think The Positive… View Post

Addiction affects far more of us than we think. September is National Recovery Month, so I wanted to take some time in today’s post to talk about addiction and offer some information for those who have been affected by it in one way or another. At first I didn’t want to write too many addiction-specific posts on this blog, instead deciding to talk about it in a way that tied in my own experience but also how it applied to everyday things that non-addicts could relate to. What I’ve found over the years, however, is that you don’t have to be… View Post

It’s been about 8 months since I started taking medication for depression. As you all know, I exercise regularly and eat well (most of the time), but those two commonly first-line prescriptions for depression didn’t work for me. I also believe that I had anxiety issues, but we tackled the depression first. To read some more backstory: Mental Illness Awareness Week There’s Always A Reason, But It May Not Be What You Think The Positive Side of Depression If you want the TL;DR version: undiagnosed depression for several years marriage almost fell apart went to therapy wanted to erase myself… View Post