I’ve had my fair share of injuries related to running or exercise in general. I’ve written several posts about how I’ve dealt with being sidelined (see the bottom of this post), but recently I received a question on Instagram that made me realize that I haven’t shared this side of my experience. Luckily, the injuries I’ve had haven’t required surgery or serious pain medication, but a couple of times with my back injury I had to take muscle relaxers because I could barely breathe in the acute stage of the injury. The muscles around the injury would spontaneously constrict and… View Post

I like to throw in some recovery-related posts here and there, and it dawned on me that I’ve posted about being actively addicted and then not actively addicted, but nothing really about what I’ve done to maintain that cessation. Relapse is a huge part of addiction, and many people I know have relapsed with both positive and negative results. It’s been eight years for me and thankfully relapse isn’t a part of my story. I owe a lot of that to the people who helped me early in recovery and my own understanding that the bottom I hit was it… View Post

Last month I wrote a post about the habits of physically healthy people and it’s only fitting that I follow up with one about habits of mentally healthy people. As you know, I’ve been through my fair share of both mental and physical health issues, so many of these are also learned from personal experience. If you have any to add to the list, make sure to leave your experience in the comments. Enjoy! 1. Set boundaries Boundaries were never my strong suit, and I often felt used, resentful, or any myriad of negative emotions. Figure out what you are… View Post

I’ve been in recovery for over eight years, and the first five of those were spent very intensely attending meetings, doing step work, and working to figure out why I couldn’t live life like other people did. A lot of the work I did and lessons I learned were centered around drugs and alcohol, and rightfully so, but I remember thinking that so many of the things I was learning would help ANYONE. I think that we as a society all have these issues from time to time, just some of us are predisposed to take it to another destructive… View Post

I’ll be the first to admit it — being self-employed is magical. My schedule is flexible, I don’t have to worry about superiors who I undoubtedly will have issues with at some point, and I’m free to take my creativity in whatever direction I desire. A lot of my time, however, is spent in front of my phone or my computer: answering emails, invoicing, planning content, writing content, etc. What is highlighted on Instagram are the times when I’m actually¬†away¬†from those things because no one wants to see 12454 stories of my computer monitor in various states of contenting (is… View Post