Bad news — I’m dealing with another injury. Good news — it’s not as severe as when I hurt my back and I was out of commission for a month. I can’t pinpoint exactly what happened to my foot, but I can pinpoint when I noticed that it was hurting. I was walking back from training a client and noticed that the top of my foot felt different — almost crampy and like it needed to crack. I’d felt a similar pain before when my shoelaces were too tight, so I figured that Donut’s exploits and the number of times… View Post

I’m currently sitting at my dining room table that has been shoved into a corner because we decided we didn’t need it anymore but then forgot to put in the work to sell it. I’m fidgeting in my chair to find the perfect level of comfort because I SOMEHOW know that will make magic flow from my fingers and into these words. It’s not my normal chair and I don’t like change when I’m trying to write. I’m typing on my laptop keyboard because my beloved desktop that Neil built from scratch is likely irrevocably damaged and will need to… View Post

I’ve written pretty openly about my struggles with depression and how going to therapy was crucial in getting through that time. Although I likely should have gone sooner, I’m one of those stubborn people who thinks that they’ve got everything figured out and if they just think on something long enough, they’ll figure out a solution. I held on for years operating this way, but it was issues with another person that convinced me there are some things I can’t figure out by myself. The first time I went to therapy it was with Neil. We had reached a point… View Post

photo by Will Johnson I have my first wellness workshop coming up this week and I finally decided what topic to discuss — food. More specifically, I want to address many of the disordered relationships with food, my own included, and why we need to learn to embrace the gray and not neatly place foods in certain “bad” or “good” categories. We all know how I feel about labeling. I’m still working on the points I want to emphasize and crossing my fingers that people will join in the discussion so I’m not left rambling about donuts or puppies for… View Post

I’ve been doing a lot of unfollowing lately. It’s happened mainly on Instagram since that is where I spend a lot of my social media time. I’ve already written about how I feel about non-credentialed information and the fact that it’s your responsibility in how you receive information and it’s that second post that kept me on the fence about writing this one. In it, I argue that no matter what someone else says or writes, it’s your responsibility as the reader/viewer how you respond to that information. If it’s triggering, stop reading it, etc. I argue that it’s not… View Post