There’s at least one point in the week when I feel overwhelmed and likely resemble a chicken with its head cut off. That day is usually Wednesday. As I’ve gotten busier, it’s become necessary for me to take a realistic look at my schedule and figure out when I need time to work on certain things. The beauty about having different sources of income is that I can tailor my schedule for what works best for me and my mental clarity. The problem is, I don’t always do that. Wednesday is the day of the week that I jam as… View Post

I can be a very stubborn person. It took me years to be able to admit that I was wrong about something. I would try to say it, but mentally something blocked my mouth from voicing the words. It was an extremely weird feeling — like trying to break through a brick wall that my mind had erected right in front of my mouth. The three hardest things I’ve had to deal with, and ultimately with professional help, have been my addiction, my issues with eating, and my mental health. I didn’t jump on the therapy bandwagon or immediately check… View Post

I promise I will have a vacation recap for you, but it won’t be until Monday so that I can have time over the weekend to organize the 1036514567 pictures and write out everything that filled up our 5 days (mainly eat, read, sleep, repeat). The idea for today’s post didn’t come together until yesterday. Last week, while looking through old posts for a specific picture, I took time to read through some of them. In a recap of hiking the C & O Canal, I found a picture of myself that caught me off guard. At just about every… View Post

Here’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years — the more accepting I am of myself and my flaws, the less shame IĀ surround myself with. That’s a big deal. I never really understood the concept until I embraced one of the biggest things that I always saw as a defect — procrastination. I loooove to procrastinate. I literally can’t get things done ahead of time if my life depends on it. High school and college papers would get done the night before, I took my NASM certification test literally a couple days before the 6 month time limit, the… View Post