Hi guys! Welcome to the end of another week. I can’t say that this week was really all that eventful (aside from Donut ruining our desktop computer) or that this weekend holds any grand plans — and that’s the way I like it. Too much makes me feel too frazzled and that’s really not a fun place to be. I spent last night enjoying an evening to myself since Neil didn’t get home late from some work travel. Since he’s not traveling much any more I don’t often get a lot of nights to myself, but when I do, I… View Post

I’m currently sitting at my dining room table that has been shoved into a corner because we decided we didn’t need it anymore but then forgot to put in the work to sell it. I’m fidgeting in my chair to find the perfect level of comfort because I SOMEHOW know that will make magic flow from my fingers and into these words. It’s not my normal chair and I don’t like change when I’m trying to write. I’m typing on my laptop keyboard because my beloved desktop that Neil built from scratch is likely irrevocably damaged and will need to… View Post

Somehow it’s already the end of July — how did this happen? Up until this month, we had been traveling quite a bit. This time we didn’t have any trips, but July still felt packed and busy with other things going on. Let’s just get the most important part of the month out of the way, shall we? Donut In case you missed it, Neil and I adopted an Australian cattle dog/hound mix from PAWS, a local shelter here in Chicago. We named her Donut and she has been so sweet since the day we brought her home. We brought… View Post

Happy Friday friends! This week has been pretty low key, mainly just training and writing. I’m still acclimating to Donut’s overzealous love bites which have left my forearms slightly worse for wear, but we’re working on it and hopefully the puppy teething phase will end sooner than later. We’ve also started to bring her in the bed to sleep which is amazing and makes me super happy. Last night was my second Wellness Workshop, which I’ll be sure to cover in more detail in my monthly recap post at the beginning of August. I really enjoy doing these workshops and… View Post

This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins. Thanks as always for your support! Let me just tell you how weird of a word “popsicle” is. While making the graphic for this post, I kept changing fonts and colors until “popsicle” turned into one of those words that looks like gibberish…or some kind of Greek philosopher. ANYWAY. First of all, let’s applaud the fact that this is the first recipe in awhile that isn’t a nut butter. Secondly, I used my new birthday camera to shoot these photos. I’m still learning and I still prefer to send them to my phone… View Post