Happy Friday friends! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that today I’m hitting the road with my friend Ashley to drive to Toronto. Our friend Beverley lives there and we are meeting her, Jess, and (other) Erin for a girls weekend in Canada. I’ve never been so I’m really excited and can’t wait to see them again. You may remember Jess and Ashley from this trip, but this is the first time I’m meeting Erin and Beverley in person. Social media is amazing because we have all talked for a long time and feel like we’ve known… View Post

I don’t think there’s any argument that exercise is good for you. I’m grateful that I’m someone who enjoys exercise and definitely feels the effects of not being able to work at full capacity for two months. I enjoy trying new ways to sweat and I’ve made it part of my career by working as a personal trainer. I have lots of friends who are either instructors or passionate about fitness themselves, so surrounding myself around them sometimes gives me the warped view that everyone LOVES FITNESS. I had the idea for this post after hearing twice in one day… View Post

I know it’s not technically the end of the month, but close enough, so I’m sharing this month’s life lately with you. I keep a running list of what happens each month because even though I always think I’ll remember everything, I’ve learned that I won’t. Months are actually a long time! I hosted my fourth wellness workshop — focusing on mediation and mental health. I decided to take a break from hosting them until the new year because of holidays coming up and just wanting to space them out a little bit more. I’ve loved doing them and you… View Post

Oof. Let me tell you — part of this week was madness, but the good news is that as you read this we are on our way to NYC for the weekend. Woot! Yesterday was one of those days where I was super proud of my ability to maximize my time efficiency, but that meant that there was absolutely no down time until later in the evening. It was straight from one thing to another and I even forgot to schedule in time to eat. Who am I?? Tuesday my car was towed and involved a lot of cold rain… View Post

I’ve been training clients for about two and a half years now, which is crazy because it feels like yesterday when I was writing posts about prepping for my exam and what I wish I had known beforehand. In that time, I’ve sat down with a number of potential clients to discuss their goals, fitness background, and get a general sense of whether we would be a good fit or not. I’ve compiled a list of questions that I think it’s important for you as a client to make sure to ask a trainer when considering hiring him or her.… View Post