Woof. Welcome to post number TWO this week. BAM. My normal four went significantly down after travel and life the past couple weeks. Life is good — scratch that — great, but I’m learning through trial and error that I can’t do everything I want to do at all times with only 24 hours in the day. Who knew?? I talked a little bit about all my different income streams in this post, and right now the corporate fitness accounts I manage are taking up a lot of my time with the start of two simultaneous fitness challenges (what genius… View Post

Hello friends! It’s been a crazy couple days getting back from LA, but I was finally able to write up my experience at Expo West. I’m going to concentrate this post on the expo and not my whole time in LA for brevity’s sake — plus who doesn’t like reading about food? Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event. There is an east coast version, Expo East, which I attended about three years ago. I was under the misconception that they were both the same size, but I was definitely mistaken as I… View Post

Happy Friday! I’m writing to you from sunny Santa Monica where I will be for the next few days. I’m here to visit some of Neil’s family and also to go to Expo West this Saturday — something I am BEYOND EXCITED about. I first went in 2014 on the East coast and it was one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. I’ll be sure to recap it next week! Before I jump into my favorite things from this week, I just wanted to address some of the comments from my previous post on my fitness challenge results.… View Post

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks and my fitness challenge is over. Here’s my full recap on it, the results, and what I plan to do going forward! *This challenge involved things such as food tracking, which could be triggering to some people. If you feel like this may be you, check back later this week! The Challenge I went into more detail about the what and why of the challenge in this post, but to summarize: work out at BTY Training LabĀ 4-6 days/week exclusively (yoga and mobility classes allowed, but you know me) follow customized meal plan… View Post