It always amazes me that I’m able to come up with five different things every week to share with you guys. Granted, many times it’s new foods or something along those lines, but to do it every week is pretty awesome. Plus it makes me get outside my comfort zone since I love routine so much. This weekend should be great — temperatures should be around 60 and Neil’s brother’s family is coming in from out of town for a wedding. That means we will get to see them but also that there will be deep dish pizza involved somewhere. Looks… View Post

I think nutrition is fascinating. I always like learning new research and finding new foods to try. One thing that excited me about this fitness challenge is that there was a nutritional component involved. It wasn’t just working out and eating what I had been eating, it encompassed both of those things and how they work in tandem. A short background on why and how I’m tracking my meals: In order for us to receive our customized nutrition plans, we first had to complete a BioSignature Modulation assessment. The fat levels on twelve sites on the body were measured and… View Post

Happy Monday guys! This weekend was nice and low key, so of course I don’t have a ton of pictures to share with you again. On Friday I got my package from Amazon that I had been waiting for — a new jigsaw puzzle! I had been yearning to do one for a couple weeks and finally broke down and bought one. I don’t do them very often, but every now and then I really love it. Neil and I worked on it all weekend and finally finished it on Sunday night. So satisfying. On Saturday morning I headed to my… View Post

Hello friends! Five days down on my fitness challenge and I’m feeling pretty good. My eating has been on point, I’ll get to five workouts this week after the one tomorrow, and not eating as much sugar means that I can stay up from 5:30 am to 10 pm a little easier. All that’s on the agenda for this weekend is that workout, so I’m super happy. Actually, I think Neil might force me to do my taxes which I am not happy about, but I guess it’s better to get them over with now. Since there’s no football on… View Post