Hey guys happy Friday! For the first year in many, many years, I did not make a huge deal about my birthday, which happens to be today. I guess it’s getting older, but I didn’t see the need to start reminding everyone a month in advance like I used to do. Things are pretty low key, but I did take the day off and Neil and I are making the trip to Illinois to visit the Albanese gummy bear factory, so I can’t complain about that! We also have plans to pick some blueberries, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate… View Post

Now don’t run away simply because this recipe has beets. Just hear me out. Beets have been shown to be a good pre AND post workout fuel because they help increase blood circulation, oxygen consumption, and are anti-inflammatory. The quickest way to consume them is drinking a beet juice, but I figure this is a good plan too. As I remind you in every recipe, I’m a big fan of quickness and convenience. This recipe has 4 ingredients, is ready in minutes, and is probably the quickest thing you’ll do all day. Just toss them in the fridge and grab… View Post

I’ve been in recovery for over eight years, and the first five of those were spent very intensely attending meetings, doing step work, and working to figure out why I couldn’t live life like other people did. A lot of the work I did and lessons I learned were centered around drugs and alcohol, and rightfully so, but I remember thinking that so many of the things I was learning would help ANYONE. I think that we as a society all have these issues from time to time, just some of us are predisposed to take it to another destructive… View Post

Happy Friday the 13th! How was your week? Mine went swimmingly and now I’m looking forward to the weekend. After some craziness with the contractor who hung a bunch of our stuff on Wednesday (just that it took waaaaay longer than necessary), our condo finally feels more like a home and I’m really loving it. Tomorrow we are attending a friend’s wedding (stay tuned on Instagram for more stories of Neil dancing since they are always a hit) and then the rest of the weekend is low key. I hope you have some relaxing plans for the coming days, and… View Post

This post is sponsored by adidas. My vacations are always a toss up. Sometimes, if I’ve been working a lot while also making time for 5-6 workouts a week, I need a vacation to do the complete opposite. Other times, I get excited thinking about new studios to try. I’ve done my fair share of both and both are ok. Do what’s best for you. Some people have a harder time breaking routine and getting back into the swing of things when arriving back home. For those people, trying to maintain your exercise goals on vacation (even if a little… View Post