Hellloooooo friends! I think I’ve finally settled back into life after last week’s trip to Michigan City. Some of my clients are out of town, so it gave me a chance to catch up on emails and blog-related things, so I think I’m finally current with my life. This weekend doesn’t hold anything terribly exciting, so it will be nice to relax and hang out with Neil and Donut. There’s a chance we may take her to the beach, but I’m playing that by ear. Here are some of my favorite things this week — let me know some of… View Post

Last week I spent five days at a place called Modfarm in Michigan City, Indiana. It was a magical five days and I’m more than happy with the outcome of my trip. As you know, I decided I wanted to get away to concentrate on writing my book with little interruptions. I didn’t sign up for a writing camp or workshop, but decided that I wanted to go somewhere alone. Since it was the first time I had done something like this and hadn’t read much about the experiences of others, I want this post to be about my tips… View Post

Tomorrow will be 5 weeks that I’ve been sidelined from a stress fracture in my foot. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow and will find out what the next few weeks hold in terms of wearing a boot, healing, and exercise. I’ve been in this injury situation before and although I don’t like it, I know it’s important for me to slow down and let my body heal so that I can get back to doing what I love. In reflecting over the past month, I wanted to share some of the things that have helped me. I’d like… View Post

Happy Friday! I’m currently writing this from my getaway in the woods, which so far has been incredible. I’m planning on writing it all up for you guys, but right now I want to make sure to get this up for you and back to writing. Wednesday I knocked out 15 pages which I was pretty impressed with. I’m headed back to the city today and Neil’s parents are actually coming to visit from Maryland for a couple days, so it’s jumping right back into life for me. I can’t wait to share this experience with you, but for now… View Post

In honor of the fourth anniversary of this blog (one that is two weeks belated I might add), I wanted to use today to focus more on the writing and maintaining of a blog. Non-bloggers stick around because I think there are parallels that you can use as well. 🙂 As you know, at the beginning of September I shifted to becoming self-employed through my personal training and this blog. I don’t want there to be any illusions; I don’t rely entirely on the income from this blog, but combined with training I’m able to make a sustainable living. One… View Post