This week flew by for me — probably because I was still on vacation for the first two days of it. Thankfully I also didn’t have an overwhelming number of training clients squeezed into three days like I normally do when I go on vacation, so this week has been perfect for me. This weekend is a bit busy, but there’s still plenty of down time scheduled. Neil’s birthday is TODAY (!), but since we are both working I have some things planned for the weekend and even during next week. I plan to fit in a workout on Saturday… View Post

My friend Ange wrote a post about how bloggers aren’t entitled to free things, which solidified my own feelings I had been having about the value of blogging itself. This post was primarily going to focus on that, but since it’s more of a thinking out loud kind of day, I decided to connect several points together in a rambling, yet hopefully concise, statement. That was a lot of commas. We’re off to a good start. First I’ll address the blogging bit and move on considering not all of you are bloggers. For a couple years I have read pleading comments… View Post

Happy Tuesday! I’m still in Arizona until tonight, but I know that today won’t consist of much more than lying by the pool, eating, and then heading to the airport, so we’re probably good to recap the last couple days here. This is how I spent my mornings. Tea and cool air. We planned this trip to Arizona as a way for everyone to get together to celebrate Neil’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was Neil and I, his parents, and Neil’s brother’s family. None of us had ever been to Arizona and it seemed like the perfect place to… View Post

Hello! Happy Friday! This has been one gray and gloomy week in Chicago. I’m really looking forward to the next four days that I’ll be spending in Arizona where it’s dry, warm, and sunny. If you have any recommendations for the Scottsdale area, let me know! I’m keeping the intro short and sweet so that we can get into all the delicious things I’ve been loving this week! 🙂 1. Simple Mills Double Chocolate Cookies I had the Simple Mills cookies when I was at Expo West, and made the mistake of buying more when I got home. They have… View Post