This post may not resonate with many of you, but I know it applies to at least some. I haven’t had a drink in 7.5 years. It’s certainly not because I don’t want to, but because I’m someone who doesn’t know when to stop once I start. Holidays were always an excellent time to cover up a serious drinking problem because it was a socially acceptable thing to do. I felt relieved that people may not point out that I had had too much or focus on what I was doing because they would likely be drinking as well. Alcohol… View Post

I can be a very stubborn person. It took me years to be able to admit that I was wrong about something. I would try to say it, but mentally something blocked my mouth from voicing the words. It was an extremely weird feeling — like trying to break through a brick wall that my mind had erected right in front of my mouth. The three hardest things I’ve had to deal with, and ultimately with professional help, have been my addiction, my issues with eating, and my mental health. I didn’t jump on the therapy bandwagon or immediately check… View Post

As douchey as it may come off, I love documenting my life online. I have both a great and an awful memory, so being able to write about different stages of my life is super helpful to me. In fact, I have that exact post topic saved in my drafts for the future (so don’t steal it). 🙂 This post is coming a day early since May 20th falls on a Friday this year and I can’t miss my weekly Five Things Friday post. I also figured that today would be a good day for reflection since I do my… View Post

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigator’s national conference in Orlando, FL. A few months ago I was able to share my story on a smaller scale at the Maryland training before bringing it before this group. (If you’re new here, head over to my About page for a little more background) I want to briefly go over the conference itself and then talk a little more broadly about my feelings surrounding the experience. NADDI is a group of law enforcement officers, healthcare professionals, and representatives of various regulatory agencies who come… View Post

Happy Wednesday from sunny Orlando! I am in town until tomorrow to speak at the national conference of NADDI, or the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators. Since I spend a lot of time inside writing on a computer, I want to take these couple days to relax and enjoy the warm weather that I desperately would like to take back to Chicago with me. This post is a short one so that I can a) actually spend some time outside and b) memorize the speech that I probably should have memorized by now. I am speaking later this morning and will be… View Post