First off, for those of you who were interested in using the 30% discount on last week’s Oak Leaf lamp, it looks like it’s back in stock! I’m still working with the company to see about offering a giveaway as well, so I will let you know as soon as I get the details worked out. I’ve been teaching fitness classes for almost a year now (wow, seriously?). Many of the people who come to my classes are regulars and are familiar with many of the movements, structures, and locations of equipment around the studio. With the explosion of ClassPass… View Post

We all have those days when we wake up and want nothing to do with exercise. It takes time out of the day and it would be much easier if we just skipped it altogether. Thoughts like these are normal and it’s even not the end of the world if we listen to our bodies and take a rest when it’s needed. The bigger problem is when it becomes harder and harder to find the enjoyment in working out. When more days than not we end up with thoughts of dread and look for excuses to squirm out of that… View Post

Disclaimer: I received a free month of ClassPass in order to provide this review.  All opinions are my own. There are some affiliate links in this post.  (source) I had been hearing about ClassPass all over the internet world, and after moving to Chicago I had the opportunity to experience it for a month.  Is it worth it? Short answer (for me) is yes, but before I get to the why, let’s tackle the what. From their site, ClassPass is “a monthly membership to the best boutique fitness classes in your city. There are thousands of classes available to ClassPass members, including… View Post

Hello and happy Tuesday! I am currently manning the desk until 9 am and then partaking in Tabata Tuesday from 9-10 am at Sweat on State if you are reading this during that time and want to come say hello! I am writing this Monday night so that I can spend more time with Neil today and traverse to the west to do some massive grocery shopping as soon as I am free this afternoon. Today’s post is perfect to link up with Sara for Tried It Tuesday since this was actually my very first spin class.  Thanks Sara! I knew… View Post

Hello! Apparently my sickness has decided not to leave me quite yet and is manifesting itself in all sorts of tissue piles around the house.  It’s really more of an annoyance, so I will keep on keepin on. I spent last night with a box of tissues, eggnog tea, and Love Actually. Maybe this sickness isn’t half bad. Last week I had the opportunity to visit Atlas Performance.  I was recommended to try them out by someone at Sweat on State, so since I had been eyeing it on my ClassPass roster, I signed up. I took their MetCon class,… View Post