I remember walking down the street with Neil one evening and pondering out loud if maybe I was having issues with depression again. This was sometime in late summer and the thought had crossed my mind because things were taking me just a¬†little too long to get done. I asked him if he had noticed anything out of the ordinary and, upon reflection, he said not really. I rhetorically questioned if it would be harder for me to recognize a new wave of depression because my baseline for discomfort was SO high. My equilibrium was so askew because of what… View Post

Bad news — I’m dealing with another injury. Good news — it’s not as severe as when I hurt my back and I was out of commission for a month. I can’t pinpoint exactly what happened to my foot, but I can pinpoint when I noticed that it was hurting. I was walking back from training a client and noticed that the top of my foot felt different — almost crampy and like it needed to crack. I’d felt a similar pain before when my shoelaces were too tight, so I figured that Donut’s exploits and the number of times… View Post

The first week in October is Mental Illness Awareness Week. I first found out about it last year when I was diagnosed with depression. It’s been a year since I’ve written about those times (!), and even though I think it’s important to talk about it WHENEVER, I wanted to use today’s thinking out loud post to highlight it during this dedicated week. In case you’re new or missed my journey last year, here are a couple posts dealing with it specifically: Mental Illness Awareness Week There’s Always a Reason, But It May Not Be What You Think The Positive… View Post

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how I was going through a tough time. I appreciate everyone who commented and made me feel like I had a safe space to talk about what was going on with me. Once I entered recovery, I heard the phrase “everything happens for a reason” so many times that it soon became a part of my own vernacular. It wasn’t because I had been conditioned to parrot the expression, but because I had experienced it as truth in my own personal life. It was one of the most important tools in… View Post