It seems like forever since I’ve talked to you guys about fitness. I do some freelance writing for other sites, so I’ve been writing a good amount of exercise and fitness posts, just not on here. Whoops. I also don’t write about fitness in the conventional way of prescribing workouts or talking about training plans (although that’s ALL I used to do when I started). The more I work in the field, the more I realize that fitness is such an individual thing, a theme I’ve been finding in many other areas of life as well. This post is written… View Post

I recently wrapped up hosting a three month corporate fitness challenge. Although I wasn’t able to teach many of the classes, I performed every one of the four scheduled weigh-ins throughout the span of it. A couple things stood out to me at each weigh-in — one, that women took their results much harder than men, and two, that the number on the scale had such a profound impact on people. The machine I used measured far more than just weight. In addition to several detailed reports, it broke down the data into weight, skeletal muscle mass, and percentage of… View Post

Last week I tried cupping and this week I’m telling you all about it. 🙂 As I search for ways to slow down and work my schedule into something a little more manageable, I’ve felt pulled to widen my wellness experiences. I’m a big believer that I can’t really talk about something or give my opinion unless I’ve tried it. That was certainly a philosophy that got me into trouble during my using days as I decided I couldn’t possibly stop until I had tried all the drugs there were to try. Pro tip: not advised. ANYHOO, I haven’t tried a… View Post

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks and my fitness challenge is over. Here’s my full recap on it, the results, and what I plan to do going forward! *This challenge involved things such as food tracking, which could be triggering to some people. If you feel like this may be you, check back later this week! The Challenge I went into more detail about the what and why of the challenge in this post, but to summarize: work out at BTY Training Lab 4-6 days/week exclusively (yoga and mobility classes allowed, but you know me) follow customized meal plan… View Post

Man, that’s a title for you. IDEA is the company that also brings you Blogfest — a smaller conference that runs concurrently with their annual World fitness conference. If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that I’ve gone for the past two years and plan to go again this July in Las Vegas. PTI East is a smaller version of the World conference. There isn’t an enormous expo, but there are a number of vendors present during the day. You can see all the conferences they offer here. The conference was held in Bethesda, MD, which you saw on… View Post