Happy Friday! I feel good after this week. I had a lighter schedule, meaning that I didn’t always feel like I was treading water. I felt like I could get a handle on some work things and even had an hour or two to just sit and do nothing. Bliss. This weekend will be more of that since I have very little planned. Next weekend I leave to go to Arizona for a few days with Neil’s family and I’m really excited to explore since I’ve never been there before. We will be staying in Scottsdale, so if you have… View Post

Woof. Welcome to post number TWO this week. BAM. My normal four went significantly down after travel and life the past couple weeks. Life is good — scratch that — great, but I’m learning through trial and error that I can’t do everything I want to do at all times with only 24 hours in the day. Who knew?? I talked a little bit about all my different income streams in this post, and right now the corporate fitness accounts I manage are taking up a lot of my time with the start of two simultaneous fitness challenges (what genius… View Post

Happy Friday! I’m writing to you from sunny Santa Monica where I will be for the next few days. I’m here to visit some of Neil’s family and also to go to Expo West this Saturday — something I am BEYOND EXCITED about. I first went in 2014 on the East coast and it was one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. I’ll be sure to recap it next week! Before I jump into my favorite things from this week, I just wanted to address some of the comments from my previous post on my fitness challenge results.… View Post

Happy Friday friends! Well, tomorrow marks the last day of my fitness challenge and I honestly didn’t even realize it until this week. The main thing that changed for me was to be a little more cognizant of my eating, but after getting into a groove it didn’t really feel like it was much outside my normal. I plan to write a recap of what I learned, but my plan is to basically continue what I’m doing minus the actual food tracking and plus a few more desserts. 🙂 This weekend I have our final workout, celebratory brunch at True… View Post