I was planning out my content calendar the other day when I stopped and said WAIT…it’s October? Didn’t I start this blog in September? Did I miss writing a 5-year blogging post?? Yes, yes I did. I’ve officially been blogging for 5 years (plus a month and a half), which is crazy. I’ve never lost my passion for it — burnout, yes, but that’s later — which tells me that it’s something that I should continue to put my energy and passion into to continue growing it to be the best it can be. I took a look back at… View Post

I can’t believe we are already on the back half of September! Where has the year gone? Before the month ends, I want to make sure to get my August Income Report up for you guys! If you are interested in setting up a blog of your own, check out my post on how to do so in less than 5 minutes! Income Freelance Writing: $250 Sponsored Posts: $400 sovrn: $11.12 Google Adsense: $1.42 Shareaholic: $2.05 Total: $664.59 What I Did Differently This Month To be honest, the past couple months I have been about 60% focused on actively trying… View Post

It’s time for my July income report! Buckle up! Income Freelance Writing: $200 Sponsored Posts: $150 sovrn: $12.57 Google Adsense: $2.39 Shareaholic: $1.55 Total: $366.51 For me, ad networks are barely relevant. Most of my income is from writing, whether that be freelance or sponsored. I may have to look into whether they are even worth it. What I Did Differently This Month I actually wrote my sponsored post back in June, but was paid in July. Aside from that, everything else was basically the same. I made sure to show up and write, but since my marriage was my highest… View Post

As you know, last month I started publishing monthly income reports. I decided to do so in order to keep myself accountable and also to keep track of any progress I may make. As I stated last month, I have learned the most about how bloggers make money from these types of reports. I have learned the importance of having multiple revenue streams and different types of ad networks.  Most of all, I have learned that it can be done. These reports have given me hope and encouragement and those are some of my favorite things. I plan to break these… View Post

In the spirit of the sincerity that I spoke about last week, I decided that I would follow the lead of other bloggers and start sharing monthly income reports. I do not plan to make excuses or justifications as to why it’s not a lot of money even though my mind tells me I have to in order to preempt the thoughts that some readers may have (silly brain). This is simply a journey to see if I can make something more from this blog. I decided in the beginning of April that I wanted more for myself and that… View Post