This month marks one year since I’ve been regularly attending Crossfit and strength workout classes. I love the progress I’ve made, the skills I’ve acquired, and the community I’ve joined. I feel more confident in a lot of areas and the past two weekends of moving around furniture with Neil has been tiring but also a piece of cake. What I haven’t learned to love is how it has changed my body. There’s a popular myth that lifting weights will make you bulky. The truth behind this myth is that women don’t have the testosterone levels that men do to… View Post

I definitely didn’t start out jumping for joy as I continued squeezing myself into jeans that had fit me just fine before my move to Chicago. Instead, I started down┬áthe easier path of shaming my body and wondering why the damn things still wouldn’t fit comfortably even though I was teaching fitness classes and continuing to work out 4-5 times a week. Maybe it’s the donuts. Maybe it’s the deep dish. Maybe it’s the gelato. (Ok, I like desserts). In reality though I was not eating these things in any greater quantities than I ever have in the past few… View Post