Short answer: my therapist made me do it. 🙂 I place a lot of weight on things that I’ve learned in therapy and recovery — both from people who have been there before and those who are clinically trained to help me with my neurotic thought processes. Before I get into that, however, it’s important to back up and first express my trepidation with having kids and making such a life-changing decision. Having kids was never the issue for me; I always envisioned myself with one or two, but the problem came with the disconnect in where I saw my… View Post

It took me roughly 26 years of my life to realize that I had been approaching my problems all wrong. When I was required to take a course that I didn’t like, I would constantly complain and ask myself why this was even necessary. When I was arrested and sent to jail, I pointed my finger at others and wallowed in my consequences. When I learned that I would have to change many aspects of my behavior in order to become a person that no longer relied on drugs and alcohol, I grumbled that it was unfair and that I… View Post

I wanted to take a stab at a new blog series because it was honestly the one topic that made my fingers want to type. You may have noticed that since before our trip to Greece, I slowed down on posting. I didn’t really give myself enough time to get ahead of posts for when we were on our trip, so I just left it with one a week. Then when I got back, I found myself sitting in front of the computer for consecutive weeks, pouring over the same master list of post ideas that I’ve had forever and… View Post

Instagram is such a tricky place. It’s full of highlight reels and perfect shots, destinations you may never travel to, and images that sometimes leave you feeling less than. It’s also a beautiful place for creativity, inspiration, and connection. Depending on which accounts you choose to follow, your social media experience can leave you feeling uplifted or drained. I made the decision to fill my feed with positivity. I follow food accounts that make my mouth water, videos about animals, and people who are looking to do more than just put on a pretty face. It took me awhile to… View Post

If you’ve been a blog reader for some years, you may remember that Neil and I were on the verge of separation about two years into our marriage. I wrote about it in this post and have referred to it several times over the years when applicable. We were to the point where we were researching separate apartments and talking about how and when we would see each other. Last month we celebrated our five year anniversary with family and friends and I realized that there wasn’t much follow up to that initial post aside from the fact that “hey,… View Post