This post is sponsored by Lifeway. You may or may not know about my obsession with farmer cheese. There was a period when I was eating it every day and then for some reason, as happens with almost every product that I love, my local grocery store stopped carrying it. WHYYYYYYY. I’ve gotten back into it and have been wanting to write this post for some time. I begged the people at Lifeway (actually since last year) to help me spread my love for farmer cheese and HERE WE ARE. A quick, nitty gritty about what it is and how… View Post

Now don’t run away simply because this recipe has beets. Just hear me out. Beets have been shown to be a good pre AND post workout fuel because they help increase blood circulation, oxygen consumption, and are anti-inflammatory. The quickest way to consume them is drinking a beet juice, but I figure this is a good plan too. As I remind you in every recipe, I’m a big fan of quickness and convenience. This recipe has 4 ingredients, is ready in minutes, and is probably the quickest thing you’ll do all day. Just toss them in the fridge and grab… View Post

Let me tell you about my love for homemade nut butters. It dates back to the early days of this blog when I tried desperately to first make a batch of almond butter in my Vitamix (pro tip: use a food processor). Once I perfected my recipe, I started giving some to friends who then promoted it so much that people wanted to buy it. I made almond butter for a long time. I knew just how many batches it would take to burn out my processor (three) and would come home from work to fulfill orders. I ate copious… View Post

As you know, I’m not one for complicated recipes unless I get possessed by some kind of cooking demon which tends to happen only rarely. I like to eat the same boring foods over and over again and also take as little time as possible making them. Egg cups are just one of those foods. All you do is chop up some veggies, toss them in a pan with eggs, and bake until they’re done. You can make a bunch ahead of time so that you’re able to just pop them out and reheat them as snacks or part of… View Post

For some reason I always forget about rice cakes. I rediscovered them last year when I was participating in a fitness challenge at my gym and had to stick to certain ratios of carbs, protein, and fats. They’re an amazing source of pre or post workout carbs, but once the challenge was over and I stopped tracking what I was eating, I quickly forgot about them again. The past couple weeks I’ve had a new awakening to rice cakes again, but it can get a little boring just slathering on some nut butter (cashew FO LIFE) and chowing down. I… View Post