This post is in partnership with NOW Foods. If you’re like me, you may have never heard of marcona almonds. If you’re fancy and cultured, you probably have. Marcona almonds originate in Spain, although they’re now being grown in the U.S. and other countries as well. They’re a bit rounder and plumper than traditional almonds and resemble more of a macadamia nut than an almond. They’re milder in taste and don’t have as much of the bitterness that you can find with regular almonds. Because of their sweet and buttery taste, they’re a great addition to all kinds of meals and… View Post

*This post is in partnership with Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market stores. All opinions are my own. I LOVE grocery stores. I could spend literally hours wandering the aisles, looking at products, and buying all the food. I would say libraries and grocery stores are my two happiest places to spend time. This is my life. I was contacted by Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market, a natural and organic grocery store. To my embarrassment, I had never heard of it aside from knowing my friend Ashley shops there in Michigan. I was surprised to find out that they have a location in… View Post

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Vital Proteins. All opinions are my own. 🙂 I’ve tried TONS of protein powders. The main way I use them is to throw them in my smoothies following a workout. While protein powders still have a place in my heat (and pantry), they can sometimes be limiting in the fact that many are flavored. This obviously has an effect on the resulting smoothie and some ingredients may go well with one flavor but not another. When I discovered Vital Proteins almost a year ago, it was a game-changer. Depending on which… View Post

There are several things that I have added to my “do not buy from the store list” over the years — simply because they are easy to make at home and the markup at the store is often absurd. The first was nut butters, then recently kombucha (although I still buy one from time to time), and now ghee. Granted, it is much cheaper if you buy it from an Indian store rather than Whole Foods, but now that I’ve made it at home and know how easy it is, there’s really no need for that either. 🙂 Ok, first… View Post

This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins. All opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting these brands and this blog! I know that all of the holiday gluttony is usually done by this point, but I’m going to throw one more recipe out there in case you didn’t get enough. Sure, there’s a lot of butter in there, but there’s also some protein and collagen. Balance, right? My mom makes these almond butter cookies that are MAGICAL. I could eat 21354657614 of them and probably have in my lifetime. I had the idea for these while thinking about… View Post