I think nutrition is fascinating. I always like learning new research and finding new foods to try. One thing that excited me about this fitness challenge is that there was a nutritional component involved. It wasn’t just working out and eating what I had been eating, it encompassed both of those things and how they work in tandem. A short background on why and how I’m tracking my meals: In order for us to receive our customized nutrition plans, we first had to complete a BioSignature Modulation assessment. The fat levels on twelve sites on the body were measured and… View Post

There’s always too much of a good thing. I sat writing this post and kept trying to think of ways this statement isn’t true. Too many puppy hugs? Too much happiness? Then I realized it is true because I personally may not have a problem with too many puppy hugs, but I think my clients and employers might if I stopped showing up to work, which I may do if you give me unlimited time with puppies. Same thing with happiness. It might just be me, but I feel like unbridled happiness that goes unchecked without a little bit of… View Post

I read an interview recently with someone who switched from working a corporate 9-5 job for a job as a fitness professional. One sentence she said really stood out to me and it was that she had traded the 9-5 for a 5-9. She wasn’t complaining and she wasn’t lamenting her decision; she was saying that even though her day has gotten longer and more unpredictable, she finally feels fulfilled by helping others reach their health and fitness goals. I was just talking with Neil the other day about how my days start before the sun comes up and often end… View Post

A girl can never have too many shoes, right? Personally, I’ve never been a huge collector of shoes and the thought of accessorizing different styles with different outfits makes me sleepy. One area where I do make sure I have more than one pair of shoes, however, is fitness. I actually think that I could use even more, but let’s not go crazy. Different workouts require different needs, and you should always ensure that your choice of footwear is appropriate. 1. Not all shoes are created equal It should come as no surprise that different athletic activities require different types… View Post

Two weekends ago I had my first fitness photo shoot. Although I was in decent shape before, I knew I wasn’t at my peak because as much as I enjoy working out, I also enjoy donuts and pizza. I decided to spend three weeks prior to the shoot really cleaning up my eating and focusing on my workouts. Note: this is a recap of what I did to get ready for my photo shoot. It is based on how my body responds to certain foods and exercise levels. Please keep in mind that this is not a one-size-fits-all plan and what… View Post