I wanted to make sure to get this post written sooner rather than later so that everything was fresh in my mind to share with you. Neil and I went on a 9-day trip to Italy that covered Rome, Florence, and Venice. Most of our big trips we find through Groupon, Living Social, or similar. We do this for a couple of reasons: It’s much less work on our part For multiple places, we prefer having someone who has experience with coordinating multiple modes of transportation It’s always been cheaper than making the same trip ourselves We booked our honeymoon… View Post

Alright guys, I’ve got part two of my Chicago food guide for you and this one may be more exciting than the healthy eats one. 🙂 There are so many delicious places to eat in this city and I know that I’ve left some things off this list, but these are my my favorites. Neil and I aren’t big on sit-down restaurants, so you won’t really find those on this list. I also need to eat more tacos since that’s a big thing here, yet I don’t have any on the list. So if you don’t see a genre on… View Post

I’ll be the first to admit that healthy eating is not always my top priority when traveling. I get excited about new foods, new DONUTS, and generally living a little more lax. That being said, if I travel for long enough, my body starts telling me that it wants to go back to a healthier way of eating. I start feeling tired, overly full, and just generally not myself. Too many indulgent treats or restaurant trips leave me craving a giant salad or smoothie. In order to avoid getting to that point, I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine of… View Post

I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East conference over the weekend and I wanted to share with you some of the information I took away concerning fitness and nutrition. To be honest, this year’s conference was a little underwhelming. I felt like there weren’t as many options and at least two of the sessions I signed up for were verbatim the same as the ones I did last year. Same slides, same exercises, etc. It was a disappointment to pay to attend a conference and not have new material presented. That being said, I… View Post

Well here we are on the last day of January. I feel like every month goes by faster and faster. I’m sharing what went on this month, but things are in no particular order. In fact, this first one is actually the last thing we did this month! Monday evening we got back from a trip to LA to visit Neil’s brother’s family. They technically live in Santa Monica and since we have been going there for so many years, I was thinking of writing up a travel guide to some of my favorite places – would you be interested?… View Post