You guys. This weekend was the BEST. I’ve talked about it before, but the blogging and social media communities are amazing. You’re able to find people with similar interests and almost pre-screen them before even meeting. After commenting and getting to know people online, it feels like you’ve known each other forever when you actually meet in person. My friends Ashley and Jess came to visit me for a long 4-day weekend. I had met and spent time with both of them before, but this was a legit girls weekend. We weren’t together for an event or a conference, just… View Post

This weekend was GLORIOUS you guys. It finally didn’t rain and the weather was on point. Friday evening I took Neil for sushi at Kai Zan, which is a place we have had on our list for some time. It’s a Bib Gourmand rated restaurant and definitely worth the splurge. We went for a belated birthday dinner since I didn’t even think about getting reservations ahead of time. Suggestion — get reservations ahead of time. We got the Omakase which is definitely the way to go if you’ve never been. There were ten small courses and I think I loved every… View Post

This weekend in Chicago was beautiful you guys. It finally stopped raining and the temperatures reached into the 70s on Sunday. Saturday I was in a phenomenal mood. I slept in, went to a morning workout at BTY Training Lab, and later met some friends for brunch at True Food Kitchen. The pace of the day was perfect and I got to eat this beauty. Since it was so nice out, we decided to stay out as long as we could. I had been meaning to go to the recently opened Amazon Books in Southport, so we took the train up… View Post

Happy Tuesday! I’m still in Arizona until tonight, but I know that today won’t consist of much more than lying by the pool, eating, and then heading to the airport, so we’re probably good to recap the last couple days here. This is how I spent my mornings. Tea and cool air. We planned this trip to Arizona as a way for everyone to get together to celebrate Neil’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was Neil and I, his parents, and Neil’s brother’s family. None of us had ever been to Arizona and it seemed like the perfect place to… View Post