This post is sponsored by adidas. My vacations are always a toss up. Sometimes, if I’ve been working a lot while also making time for 5-6 workouts a week, I need a vacation to do the complete opposite. Other times, I get excited thinking about new studios to try. I’ve done my fair share of both and both are ok. Do what’s best for you. Some people have a harder time breaking routine and getting back into the swing of things when arriving back home. For those people, trying to maintain your exercise goals on vacation (even if a little… View Post

*I was given the opportunity to design my own BOSU ball for their new #BYOBOSU campaign, but was not otherwise compensated for this post. Whew. You guys who write workout posts and design fancy graphics are awesome. It takes a lot of time to photograph and then make sure the graphic is pinnable, etc. I gave up on mine in frustration and just splashed my shining face on the whole thing. 🙂 ANYWAY — I haven’t shared a workout with you guys in a LONG time, but I was given the opportunity to work with the BOSU brand for their new “build… View Post

Two weekends ago I had my first fitness photo shoot. Although I was in decent shape before, I knew I wasn’t at my peak because as much as I enjoy working out, I also enjoy donuts and pizza. I decided to spend three weeks prior to the shoot really cleaning up my eating and focusing on my workouts. Note: this is a recap of what I did to get ready for my photo shoot. It is based on how my body responds to certain foods and exercise levels. Please keep in mind that this is not a one-size-fits-all plan and what… View Post

First off, for those of you who were interested in using the 30% discount on last week’s Oak Leaf lamp, it looks like it’s back in stock! I’m still working with the company to see about offering a giveaway as well, so I will let you know as soon as I get the details worked out. I’ve been teaching fitness classes for almost a year now (wow, seriously?). Many of the people who come to my classes are regulars and are familiar with many of the movements, structures, and locations of equipment around the studio. With the explosion of ClassPass… View Post

The human body is an incredible thing. Listing all the specific details that make our bodies magical will likely be redundant to some and quickly illustrate my undue excitement over biological systems. Rather than talk about the science of our bodies, I want to take some time today to speak to the more feeling-centric relationship we may or may not possess. Although we may not always be aware of it, we spend a lot of time talking to our bodies. When it’s the middle of the afternoon and there’s three more hours of work ahead, we tell ourselves to wake up… View Post