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Adventures in the Wild

Oh how I wish there were three day weekends every week.  Labor Day weekend was awesome because I felt like we did social things on Saturday, house errands on Sunday, and then could finally relax at home on Monday.  So I vote for three day weekends to become a permanent thing.  Who’s with me?

Today was a typical Monday.  I got up at 7:30 and made the same breakfast I’ve been eating for probably a year or more now.  I am big on routine and so when I find something that works for me, I tend not to change it (probably good news for our marriage).  Remind me to tell you about my obsession with Subway sometime.  Every morning I have Irish oatmeal with stevia and pumpkin pie spice.  I go through a whole container of pumpkin pie spice in like 2 weeks.  Im thinking that I should probably investigate some kind of bulk size…

I have been having smoothies with my breakfast for a couple weeks now.  Neil and I always would randomly make smoothies since we got our Vitamix last year, but I wanted to be able to have one in the morning because of all the energy that they give me.  Since I typically put pineapple and peach in it as well, I wanted to get all my fruit eating out of the way earlier in the day rather than at night.

I woke Neil up with his smoothie a little before 8, but I don’t think he was as happy about it as I was.  He asked me last week to make him one in the morning so that he would be able to get his health on too!  He asked, so I complied at 745 in the morning 🙂

I went to work this morning and got my windshield repaired while I was there.  My car needs to be inspected this month and I randomly got a foot long crack in my windshield last month.  I had driven to work (windshield fine), went to Starbucks, got back in my car and saw this gigantic crack. I have no idea what happened, but $300 later I have a new windshield :/

I got off work a little earlier than normal today and I typically go to the gym, but my legs are really sore from yesterday (yes!) and I felt a little off and tired throughout the day.  I keep trying harder to listen to my body and not my head which will tell me to work out through all sorts of pain.  I have learned from experience that when I do that, I end up incapacitated for a lengthy amount of time.

I still wanted to do some kind of physical activity, so when I got home I decided to go for a walk around our neighborhood.  The weather is finally cooling off so it was pretty nice outside.  I decided to try and walk down to this stream/creek that is near our place that I have been meaning to go to.  I can’t get enough of nature and water, so I was really excited about this prospect.

Obstacle 1

Since I am following rules these days, I decided I wouldn’t climb the fence that was chained off and plastered with these signs.  I kept on my journey.
Obstacle 2

This may not look very difficult, but what I failed to capture in this picture are the almost invisible spiderwebs that stretch entirely across this trail.  I felt like Indiana Jones.  Not to mention that I had to get to this section by walking down a main road with no shoulder and leaping through the brush when there was a gap. There may or may not have been signs about not trespassing.  I was leaping too fast.
Obstacle 3

I finally made it to the water only to realize that it was a very elevated section that didn’t actually allow me to get anywhere near the water.  I could only stay at this part and couldn’t go anywhere else.  I guess it is better than nothing but I wonder if it will be more easily accessible as the weather gets colder and there isn’t so much overgrowth.  Challenge accepted.
Here are some more pictures of the water for those who are interested:

I was out for maybe about an hour and had worked up an appetite from playing in the woods.  I couldn’t resist running some because it was so nice outside and the giant hill was calling my name.  (The lack of a shoulder along parts of the road + oncoming traffic may have also had something to do with it).
I got home but didn’t want any of the leftovers we had in the fridge. I was in the mood for some black beans and something spicy, so I just decided to put a bunch of things together that needed to get used up.  This is what I rummaged up:
– clove of garlic
– green pepper
– half of a giant mutant heirloom tomato
– 3 green onions
– 1/2 cup quinoa
– 1 can black beans, rinsed
– 1 tsp red chili powder
– pinch of sea salt and pepper
It was definitely spicy as I learned later than 1 tsp of chili powder is apparently a lot of chili powder.  I have no regrets.  Just had to blow my nose a few times.  I love spicy food 🙂
I also transplanted Basil into a bigger pot so I hope he is happy.  We saw a praying mantis outside the other night, but as you can see in the corner of this picture, he didn’t make it.  Neil said he was just sleeping.  That’s a relief.
After dinner I sat down to write this and made myself another green smoothie since I realized during my rummaging that there is a lot of kale that needs to get used up.
– 3 leaves of kale
– few leaves of parsley
– 1 cup almond milk
– 1 small banana
– 1 Tbsp chia seeds
I wasn’t a huge fan of this one only because I’m not used to my green smoothies being so creamy.  Fruit smoothies I am fine with since I usually put yogurt in them, but I wasn’t really expecting this.  It didn’t taste bad, I think I just prefer my almond milk in either my oatmeal or a fruit smoothie.  I made some Bedtime tea and finished up writing. Probably a smart idea to drink so much liquid so close to bedtime.  
Well that’s a wrap up of today. I think the rest of the week is pretty uneventful so I may take the time to write more than a daily log of my day.  There are many things to talk about with the wedding next month (ahh!!) so I’m sure I wont be lacking for subject material.  I hope everyone has a great night!

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