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This was on my tea bag tonight and I think it is a great message for every day!!

I would like to be able to get 2 posts in per day, but that seems to be harder to do during the week.  I have been thinking about bringing my laptop with me to work so that I can work on them during my lunch break.  I will ponder on it…

So since I wasn’t able to post last night, I will hit you with a DOUBLE POST.  Well, one post about 2 days.

Yesterday morning I had a dermatologist appointment before work (yay health insurance!) and he said no skin cancer 🙂 I had a bunch of time to kill before work since the appointment was so short, so I went to the THIRD store in an attempt to find mason jars.  I finally located them:

Now I can transfer all the food I buy in bulk to these jars rather than have a bunch of plastic bags in the pantry:

One thing you should know about me is that I have a bit of a spatial reasoning dysfunction.  This means that I have absolutely no idea what size something is if you describe it to me or if I need to shop for something like curtains.  My friend Lisa can attest to this in college when I bought a tension rod for our room that ended up reaching only half the length that it was supposed to.  The problem also resurfaced this year when I bought what I thought was a perfectly sized shelf for my DVDs.

The one we actually use:

The one that I bought first after trusting my sense of measurement:
Yes, the one I originally bought to house about 80-100 DVDs is only capable of holding 4 rolls of tape, some lightbulbs, and a duster.  
So I went back and forth on whether I needed pint or quart size jars and figured it would be better to have more room in them than less.  I think my plan worked out well.  Plus then there’s always an excuse to buy more healthy foods!!
Yesterday I also fixed some of this site.  I found that opening it in chrome didn’t allow for the bar under the title to show up, the rss feed to appear, and there wasn’t an option to leave comments.  I just had to do some research and was able to change some things around so now it should be functioning correctly in chrome.  If not, let me know.
After work I went to the gym since I haven’t been there in a couple days.  I ran for 10 min as a warm up and then did a 50 min back/shoulder workout.  I am always more excited for legs now that I can do them again and my injury seems to be ok, but those will be coming up this weekend.  I am sore today though which I love!
Today is FRIDAY so I am definitely looking forward to the weekend (farmer’s market tomorrow!).  Tonight after work I met up with Neil at the mall so he could return his game and we could look at new phones.  I only got my first smart phone in May of this year and it was a recycled one at that, so I am pretty excited to get an up to date one.  I want one with a nice camera so that I am able to use that to take pictures for this blog during the day and not have to carry my camera around.
We stopped at the food court and I don’t normally eat there, but they have put in a new place that is like Chipotle but for Indian food.  I can customize it so that it is not unhealthy: brown rice, grilled chicken (had to ask for this because the default is fried), a bunch of vegetables, and HOT SAUCE.  I get the same reaction every time I order their spiciest sauce: “SPICY??”
I usually can’t finish it and save the rest for the next day.  It’s really good.
We also got our wedding invitations in the mail today!  It had taken about a month to get them since they were letterpress and took some time to prepare.  They turned out great!  We have to get them sent out this weekend because our RSVP is by the end of the month. It took forever to find the ones we wanted because there kept being something wrong with all the samples we ordered.  If anyone is looking for quality invitations, check out Jupiter and Juno.  We lucked out and got a major sale when we ordered, otherwise I’m not sure how we would have afforded these!
I am off now to get ready for bed and be able to wake up at a decent time tomorrow.  I have the fitting for my dress in the afternoon and farmer’s market in the morning.  I also need to fit a workout in there somewhere, but I can’t decide whether I should go for a long run since the weather is going to be so nice or just go to the gym as usual.  I think I know which one I am leaning towards, but you will have to stay tuned to find out.
Night everyone!!

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