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Football = Cooking

Today is Sunday.  This means that Neil will watch about 9 hours of football which means that I can spend 9 hours in the kitchen making food for the week.  Ok, so I may not have actually spent 9 hours in the kitchen, but I definitely made a lot of stuff today!
This morning we woke up around 8, ate breakfast, and headed to the gym.  My neck was only a little sore today, so it didn’t really affect my workout.  Today was leg day for me, so I ran (yay!) for 10 min as a warm up, then spent about 40 min on my leg workout.  I love when I have a good workout and I am sore the next day, so I’m hoping to hobble out of bed tomorrow.  
When we got back, I made a smoothie for both of us since I skipped it in the morning so we could save time before the gym.  This morning’s smoothie:
– 2 leaves kale
– 1 1/2 cups blueberries (finished them off)
– 1/2 banana
– 2 Tbsp chia seeds
– 1 cup water
My friend Tayler had her baby “sprinkle” today so since I had a couple hours before I had to go to that, I made some Healthy Cookie Bites from  They are quick to make and delicious.  This is the second time I’ve made them and even Neil likes them! (He’s not a big sweets person).  
What I know you’re really interested in though is what defines a “baby sprinkle.”  I thought maybe it had to do with inviting less people than normal, hence a “sprinkle” and not a “shower.”  What I learned, however, is that apparently it is not good etiquette to hold a baby shower when it is your second child.  The only time it is acceptable (to those critics on the internet) is when the second baby is a different sex than the first (she’s having a boy this time).  So you can have a “sprinkle” in order to get things that a girl wouldn’t normally get at a shower, but the mom is not supposed to be “showered” with gifts the second time around.  Who knew? I still don’t know how I feel about the term “sprinkle” though…
I had a great time and won one of the games, so I was rewarded with a flameless candle which of course I forgot when I left.  Good thing she lives down the street 🙂
When I got home I started dinner which was the spaghetti squash that we got at the farmer’s market yesterday.  I was pretty excited because it’s a relatively easy meal to prepare.  Here are some pictures of the finished product (forgive the camera quality):

I used fresh basil from Basil (my plant in case you missed the earlier post) and it was really good.  We had one whole wheat flax roll left, so we each had half toasted with Earth Balance spread and garlic powder.  So good!
After dinner, I watched some football (Packers game was on), then had to make my rainbow salad for the week.  I call it a rainbow salad because it is so pretty and colorful, but the recipe can be found here.  I made this last week and it was so fresh and delicious that I had to make it again for this week.  The dressing is to die for!!
The best part of making this salad is that I get to use my VEGETABLE SPIRALIZER.  It was a recent purchase that I do not regret for a second.  A vegetable spiralizer looks like this:
I have only used it for zucchini and cabbage (so far), but it take a whole zucchini and turns it into mounds of glorious noodles in a matter of seconds.  Seriously. Seconds.  It took about 30 seconds (at most) to transform a zucchini into so. many. noodles.  Did I mention how excited I am by this contraption?  I can make zucchini noodles for dinner some night like I used the spaghetti squash tonight.  THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.
In case you missed the picture at the top of this post, let me show you again how beautiful this salad is (yes, I just said a salad was beautiful):
look at the zucchini noodles!!

It made enough for 4 lunch salads:

I didn’t take a picture of the dressing because it doesn’t photograph well with my camera.  If you want to see a good quality picture of it, check out the original recipe.  
This weekend has been full of lots of cooking, but for once it didn’t feel like a chore to me.  I felt excited about making healthy choices that I know my body will thank me for.  I am off now to have some more Bedtime tea and watch some more football with Neil.  Talk to you tomorrow!!

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