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Hiking + Saturday Scramble

There was a lot to do yesterday.  Farmer’s market, exercise, dress fitting, driving to MD, driving to DC, then home. Whew!
I started off the morning with the usual breakfast and green smoothie:
– 2 leaves kale
– 1 pineapple spear
– 1/2 peach
– 2 Tbsp chia seeds
– ice & water
Then it was off to the farmer’s market to pick up the produce for the week.  I found out that the market is open until the end of October so there’s still some time before we have to get things in the store again.
This week instead of a pig, there was a rabbit with her babies!  I asked to hold one and they let me (since I was an adult, they said).  I was really excited!:
Here is our loot from the market:
– curly kale
– mystery kale??
– basil
– habenero peppers
-green onions
– 3 bell peppers
– 1 zucchini
– 1/2 lb grass fed beef
I say mystery kale because I can’t remember what the specific name was.  I tried to look it up, but found out that there are many different types of kale with many subtypes.  So for now it will remain a mystery.
I know most of you are probably concerned as to why I bought basil when I have lovely Basil outside.  I am planning on making Pistachio Pesto Quinoa Salad sometime this week, so I need much more basil than my plant will allow me.  I LOVE this recipe (how can you go wrong with pesto??).  
We got the habenero peppers for free when we bought our mystery kale so I was pretty excited about that!  The bell peppers were also really cool because they were multi colored!
After the farmer’s market, we decided to go on a hike together. I decided to save my long run for Sunday.  We are lucky to live near a trail that is actually a regional park.  It is an 100-ft wide trail that runs for 45 miles across the state of VA.  It is great for running and biking and there are always a lot of people on it when the weather is nice.  
I love the trail because it is so convenient to get to and it puts me in the middle of nature whenever I want it.  Depending on where you start on the trail, you will encounter different types of scenery and landscapes.  If I ever get bored running on the same part, I can just drive a little further and start at a different point with a different experience.  
I took Neil to a different part than he’s been to before (after some discussion about where to actually park and get on since I’m usually running on it and don’t have the best sense of direction).  It was such a beautiful day–the weather is cooling off and there was virtually no humidity.  Score!  Here is a recap of our journey: 

I discovered that Neil is actually a very good camera man so maybe he can help me out with some of my pictures.  Who knew?
After the hike, we drove to get some lunch nearby.  The town near us has a historic district that is always neat to go to.  Because of that, there are sometimes festivals and things that are held on the weekends where they shut down the streets and have exhibits.  This weekend there was an art festival on our walk to lunch, so we snapped some pictures:

These things were HUGE.  I don’t even know where you’re supposed to put it!
We stopped for lunch at what used to be an old cobbler’s shop turned into a coffeehouse/restaurant.  It is cute inside, but the coolest part is the secret garden behind it. If you go down a tiny ally, it opens up into a outdoor dining area:

I got a mozzarella, basil, and tomato panini (mmmm) and Neil got a roasted chicken, apricot, and brie panini:

We also got double espressos because we LOVE espresso.  It was a gorgeous day and a very enjoyable one at that.
After we went home, I had to go to my dress fitting and then we had to drive to MD to drop invitations at Neil’s parent’s house so they could send some off.  We need to get them out ASAP since it took us so long to find the right ones!
We didn’t end up getting home until late and I pretty much fell right asleep.
So that was my Saturday. Stay tuned for Sunday!

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