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Gift Boxes Galore

All I can say after this weekend is WHEW.

Our weekend has been full of parties and wedding preparations.  Family is starting to arrive in town and we are solidifying all the last minute details.  As I sat to write this, I realized that the wedding is only four days away!

Yesterday we attended 3 celebrations, one of which was an engagement party for our friends.  It was so nicely decorated and felt like the perfect fall occasion.  Oh yeah, the food was awesome too!!

This soup was bangin.
There may not have been enough cheese.  One of them tasted like Teddy Grahams.  Remember Teddy Grahams??
Today we went to Neil’s parent’s house to help stuff gift boxes.  Thankfully we had some help from family and were able to get it done in 3 hours.  Football was on in the background so most people were happy.
Neil’s mother is the master of presentation.  Every time we go there, even if it is just to stop by briefly, there is always a meticulously prepared spread of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.  I only got a few pictures, but the whole counter was full of food:
Then it was time for lunch:
So good.
Then the work began:
We had 200 gift boxes to stuff full of nuts, fruits, and chocolate.  We set up a nice assembly line and knocked it out.
I’m not posting pictures of the finished product since some of my readers will be at the reception and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!
On our way back home, we stopped at Trader Joe’s since we don’t have one close to us in VA.  I only picked up a few things, but I love going grocery shopping:
– dried blueberries (for baking)
– butternut squash
-coconut oil SPRAY!
It was really good to figure out some more details today.  I feel more assured about things and have a better handle on how everything will flow.  Now I just have to get through 2 more days of work and we can start enjoying ourselves.  Please be patient with me over this next week in case I am not able to be as consistent with my posts.  I will try, but I’m sure you won’t fault me if things such as, say, a wedding come up.
I hope everyone had a good weekend!
Question of the day: How did you spend your weekend?


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