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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today I dressed up like a butterfly? fairy? for work.  In the past, I wore the same princess dress for 13 years in a row before Neil finally convinced me to let it go last year.  Apparently the frayed edges and rips didn’t exactly make me look regal.
This past week has been quieter than last week for obvious reasons, but I still feel like I have no time to get anything done.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Neil isn’t even home this week so you would think that I would have more time, but I just keep finding more and more things to do.  I haven’t even been to the gym in over a week, but that will change tonight with LEG DAY.  Tight.
Last night I was finally able to accomplish what I have been aiming to do every night this week: find a wreath. I don’t know why I need a wreath so bad, but I couldn’t stop until I did.  I searched high and low and finally found one that I liked:
You can’t even see all the glitter. It’s magical.
I thought I would find one on Tuesday night, but I went into a craft store and was so overwhelmed with the selection that I ended up leaving.  This happens to me a lot.  When I am faced with too many choices, my brain shuts down.  It happened again last night.  I found a wreath, but also a whole aisle of random foods and baking supplies.  I wanted to get something, anything, but like the wreaths, I gave up.  This is what I was faced with:
That’s just one side!!
There’s so much chaos that I didn’t even know where to start.  Perhaps I will attempt this mission again in the future.
After I got home last night, I threw some kabocha in the oven and scarfed some down around 11 pm.  Probably not the best time to eat, but I was hungry.  In the past I would have told myself not to eat anything and gone to bed hungry, but I’m done doing that.  If I’m hungry, I eat.
This weekend Neil and I rented a cabin in the Shenandoah to decompress from the wedding.  Our official honeymoon is in January, but we just need to get away.  It will be a spotty posting weekend again because we are having a “no electronics” policy and just relaxing and enjoying nature.  I will be sure to take plenty of pictures though for the post when we get back.  
Since it is Halloween, I will mention that I haven’t really been craving candy at all since I cut out a majority of sugar.  I don’t deprive myself of it if I am in the mood (hello dark chocolate!), but my cravings for it have decreased significantly. A lot of the sweets that I do have end up tasting WAY too sweet for me now too.
A good candy to check out if you haven’t already is UNREAL.  Check out my review of it here and their website here.  Also a good read is this list of candies that do not contain any GMOs from Food Babe.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween and I will be back tomorrow! Stay safe!
Question(s) of the day: What are you being for Halloween? Are you changing your candy purchases this year?

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