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One Down, Two to Go

I want to get a post in while we have some down time in between events.  Today is Friday, so we had our wedding yesterday and tonight is a more low key night of henna and then tomorrow it is time to ROCK OUT at our reception.

Things have been a bit of a whirlwind, so most of this post will probably be pictures.  Starting on Wednesday:

My sister took me out for breakfast and to get my nails done.  I had an egg white omelet with mushrooms, peppers, and cheese.  I ate half of the fruit because I don’t like melons.  Gross.
Neil’s brother’s family flew in in the afternoon and then we all headed to our hotel for the evening.  Our wedding was in a restaurant across the street, so this way we didn’t have to worry about traffic in the morning (sorry to everyone who came the day of!)
This hotel was awesome.  I was excited because they didn’t have a normal, unhealthy continental breakfast:
Thursday morning I woke up at 645 am to a text from Neil telling me how exciting the breakfast was.  I got up and joined him since I wasn’t able to sleep after waking up.  Big surprise, another omelet:
-egg whites
Maybe if the bananas weren’t so green I would have eaten one.
After breakfast, we discovered that Starbucks had a new kind of espresso to choose from, so we had our customary double espresso, but upgraded.  Fancy espresso for a fancy day!
After breakfast, the preparation got started and the wedding was fasntastic.  We have a sneak peek of pictures from our photographer, but I will post some of those later when things calm down a little.  Hint: they look amazing!
My mom makes wedding cakes on the side so she made ours.  I was so happy with it; she did an AMAZING JOB.
Ok, here’s one sneak peek:
After all the festivities we went to our hotel and went out to grab some dinner before passing out at 930 pm.
I wasn’t really hungry, so I got a salad with goat cheese, carrots, and candied pecans.  They seemed very confused that I didn’t want any dressing and asked me 3 times if I wanted any.
Neil got his rare steak and potatoes:
We went back to our room and passed out after a long but awesome day.  Most of the family is flying in today so I have about 2 or 3 hours before this weekend party gets started.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday and even better weekend.  I may be able to get a post in Sunday, but if not you will definitely be hearing from me on Monday!

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