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T Minus Two

I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I am only working two days this week and I needed to make sure I got everything done that I needed to.

The wedding is in 2 days and this is the last day I have to work this week (yay!).  It would be nice if I got paid time off, but at least I have a job, right?  I try and look for the positive in situations today.  Tomorrow is a busy day of last minute prep and Neil’s brother’s family and my dad arrive in the afternoon.

I haven’t been terribly stressed out and I am actually just excited to have these events and celebrate with all our friends and family.  At this point I am taking things as they come.  What use is it to freak out about things? I am proud to say I have not had any bridezilla moments and I plan to keep it that way.

Here is a picture of my vegetable lunch I made for this week :

Yay spiralizer!!
– yellow squash
– carrots
– cabbage
– corn
– bell pepper
– edamame

Last night I worked late and stopped to pick up groceries from Wegmans.  Here are the atypical purchases:

– lots of quinoa
– almond meal ($5 cheaper than Bob’s!)
– sesame seeds
– sunflower seeds
– cinnamon
– lucuma powder
– chia seeds
– powdered peanut butter
I spent almost an hour in the store because I was doing intensive price investigation between packaged and bulk items. The conclusions I came to are (1) the inventory stocking plan in this store makes no sense and (2) some packaged items are actually cheaper than bulk.  This store has the same item in more than one place and at one point I even found 2 stickers for the same item with different prices on them. I had to be one of those people who went to the cashier and price checked things while checking out.  I don’t think the cashier was concerned about the same item being priced differently.  Oh well.
I don’t understand why some items are cheaper in pre packaged amounts (sometimes significantly) than in bulk.  It is actually pretty annoying because I had to go back and forth in the store after comparing.  Does anyone know why this is? I NEED TO KNOW.  Hmm. Maybe dealing with the wedding is manifesting in other obsessive ways 🙂
Some of these items I will go into more detail about once I actually get to try them.  That won’t be until next week so stay tuned.
I picked up this quick dinner there and didn’t get to eat until 9 pm.  I was famished!  I stuffed my face with some kind of mixture of couscous, quinoa, greens, garbanzo beans, and deliciousness.
After I got home, I gave myself a pedicure because I think getting my nails done is a waste of money (don’t tell my sister who is treating me to a manicure tomorrow) and baked up some trail mix cookies for when the in-laws get in tomorrow.  My niece is allergic to nuts, so tonight I am going to make some healthy cookie bites for her. Ok, getting my nails done is not a waste of money if they do something I can’t do well (I’m going for the cliched bridal french manicure).
I got a quick 3 mile run in this morning before work and so far everything today is running smoothly.  I will be back tomorrow to fill you in as the date quickly approaches.  I hope everyone has a great day!
Question of the day: What are some ways that you deal with stress?

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