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Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Today is a miserable, rainy day.  I started by walking my sister’s dogs for her since she is out of town and they were NOT having the rain.  Then I went to Starbucks before work so that I could get a little blogging in, but the internet was not cooperating with me.  It finally worked 15 min before I had to be at work, so I will be back to finish this post at lunch.  Whew!

Yesterday I found out that there is a farmer’s market near my work on Wednesdays.  Score! Since I wasn’t able to get to the market last Saturday, this was perfect!  There were only 4 stands there, but one of them had all the produce I could possibly need.  Too bad I didn’t need a lot since I stocked up on kale at the Asian market last week.  They did have all of the squash that I could ever want, however, and the woman at the stand was very friendly!

There was a whole crate of delicata and the usual acorn and butternut, but I was most excited about the crate of kabocha! I dont know anything about this squash but I have been reading a lot about it lately on other blogs, so I jumped on the kabocha train. Again, now I just need a recipe….
The woman at the stand was really excited about the fact that I was purchasing this squash.  She said that it is her absolute favorite so that made me feel pretty good about my choice.
Check back this weekend because I am going to try and make something delicious with my new little squash friend:
Last night was another late night, so I just threw lunch together today with the first things that came to mind.  Behold my complicated and advanced culinary creation:
The peanut butter and banana sandwich.
I must say that I found it very comforting on this dreary day.  It reminded me of being a kid.  I also packed an apple that I took home from the hike.
Tonight I am headed to the gym after work for LEG DAY.  It should be a great way to work off all this wedding stress that is creeping in.  It is now two weeks until the *start* of the big day.  The last big thing that needed to be done was finalized yesterday at lunch so now it is just a lot of little things.
This weekend I need to find shoes for the reception and just pick up some little last minute things.  I am definitely looking forward to the big day(s), but I would like them to be here already so I can just enjoy them.  I can’t wait to see all our friends and family!  Maybe I will do a post about coping with wedding stress in the coming weeks 🙂
I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait to get home tonight and change into some warm sweatpants with a hot cup of tea.  I am craving some hot soup tonight for dinner, so I may use the Vitamix to whip up our first batch of soup for the season (actually ever now that I think about it).  
I hope everyone stays dry and has a great rest of the week!
Question of the day: What’s your favorite kabocha recipe?

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